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How Many Guitars Do You Have


Hmmm.....lemme see......79 ES-347, 68 SG, Jimmie Vaughn Strat, Dipinto Galaxie IV, the DaddyO white on white Vista Jagmaster, Electromatic 5420T, 60's Supro Lap steel, Goldtone PBS dobro, and a 79 Alvarez Yari DY-45. Looks like 9 for me. Guess I need to pick up one more......prefer even numbers. I could see having a Martin of some sort in my life.


One fewer than I need.

Steady rotation out of the case: Ruby Red Ric 360, Lake Placid Blue Fender Marauder, Gibson 50's Tribute SG w/ P-90's, Gold Sparkle Gretsch G5128, Kit built TV Yellow LP Jr. and LP gold top P-90 (both in alternate tunings for slide guitar numbers), Kit built Carvin Bass, Yamaha FG650MS acoustic, Gretsch Black Falcon Rancher, Epiphone P-93 Riviera, White Epiphone G-1275 Doubleneck.

Cased up: '66 Hagstrom 1 (my first guitar), '70 Buck Owens American acoustic, '80 Conn CSE-35, Ibanez Gem Jr., Ibanez G10 (hanging up in my classroom at school).

Looking to sell: 1992 Jet-Glo Ric 330 (since I bought the 360), and a 2012 Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster (the Marauder is twice the guitar).


10 in total.

5 Gretsches - '41 Synchro, '55 Fleetwood (being restored), '73 Super Chet, '76 Super Axe (prototype for Chet), '98 6120 BB

1 Gibson - '98 Gent

2 Ovations - '98 Folklore, '96 Country Artist

2 Ekos - '60 Ranger 12 string, '78 E85 acoustic


electric: 1 "56-57" Strat from parts; 1 Squier 22.5" Duo Sonic conversion from Reverb; 1 Rickenbacker 360 w/hi-gains; 2 2000s Tokai MIK Les Pauls (1 sunburst w/PAFs, 1 singlecut TV Special w/P90s); 1 Epiphone 61 SG w/PAFs + vibrola; 1 early 00s Gretsch Pro Jet conversion w/Tokiwa Dynas + B3C; 2 weirdball parts/art guitars w/German and Japanese bodies/parts/PUs from eBay; and a 1968 ES-335 i've had since 1975 whose neck broke in 1991 and which i hope Curt will take a look at at some point.

so that's 10. since i got the Duo Sonic it's been getting the most air time even though it's not my favorite tone...it's just so easy to play, well-fitted to my tiny mandolin-player-sized hands. i just put 9s on, so it should be like playing an Ashbory bass. it's a Classic Vibe DS with the neck from a Squier Mini Strat and Duncan Antiquity DS pickups, with the bridge PU slightly shifted for a more vintage position and a new pickguard to suit. major kudos to Reverb Seller Dude for working out how to do it.

if the 335 were operational i'd play it to the exclusion of everything else; it has all the original electronics unaltered and absolutely screams. or did, anyway. in the last year before the Duo Sonic the Strat, Rick, and Special got the most play, the Les Paul and Gretsch the least.

acoustics are a bit more reasonable: 1 Eastman mahogany-bodied 000; 1 Alvarez maple jumbo 12-string; and the laminate-over-mahogany Epiphone i bought for $135 in 1974 and which has taken me through my whole musical life though it's mostly retired now...it's not quite as beat-up as Willie's Trigger, but it's getting there. i used to have a rosewood Blueridge J-45 that was a wonderful thing, but had to sell it (and a ton of other gear) when i left California. i literally looked at 000-sized acoustics for a decade without finding the right one till the Eastman which i bought off of eBay having never played/heard it. it's so good. light and resonant with lovely, graceful contoured bracing that looks like a biplane from 1910...when you plonk out a note you can hear the box amplify the note, blooming about 40ms after the initial attack.

only one bass, a MIM fretless Jazz Bass as close as i could tweak it to the vintage unit i learned on in the Jazz Improvisation class at City College of San Francisco.

so that's 14 including the non-functional one.

amps: Laney VC30; Vox AC-15CC2; Kalamazoo Bass 30 w/2x10 Jensens; Epiphone Electar Tube 10 retrofitted w/8" Italian C8; and an odd little thing converted from a film projector amp that Charlie Pastorfield gave me which features a knob labelled "Kickass." at this point all of them need fixed other than the Vox and the projector amp.

effects? how long have you got?

other than that there's a large Casio keyboard with speakers in, a M-Audio MIDI controller, and a Hohner melodica like Augustus Pablo. also a Alesis HR-16 drum box which i don't use much any more cos the primitive, tiny display makes it too difficult to program vs. just doing the drums in the DAW.

you don't want to know about all the shiz that i want LOL. my biggest guitar criterion is "does it have a type of pickup i don't already have?" i have a Irish bouzouki from Romania on my Etsy favorites list just waiting for me to accumulate the requisite $269.


I just don't see how any good can come from answering this question.


Gotten to the point where I have around a dozen I'd like to gig with,not including basses,pedal steels,acoustics and a Dobro.My current bandleader only wants steel,so none of them get to go out and play,and I've got me a case of Gig Acquisition Syndrome! Here are 5 of the 6 Gretsches,all eminently gigworthy.


A few Gibbys,too


9 electrics ('97 Gibson Firebird, '14 Gibson LP Traditional, Edwards LP-92 goldtop w/ Lollar P90s, Tokai LS-135 w/ PAF-type pups, '88 Cort Strat clone, '09 Fender SRV Strat, '98 Fender MIM Strat, '07 Gretsch Black Phoenix, '08 Gretsch 5126)

2 acoustics ('09 Taylor 414-ce, early '90s Sigma by Martin)

60% of playing time is electric and half that is on the SRV Strat.....but it varies really on what I'm playing. The Cort needs a neck reset and has brutally high action but currently tuned to open G for slide playing- I haven't played her in a while.

Truth is I cycle them based on what I want to feel. The feel of the guitar is just as important to me as the tone. I got with that and it dictates what I play.

The Sigma needs a setup so she hasn't seen any action in a while. I play the hell out of my Taylor and it's going to need a fret job soon.


12 in total, they all get played regularly, except those being repaired.

5 basses - Rickenbacker 4003, Squier Mike Dirnt Precision, Fender Jazz, Westone Concorde (currently interstate with my brother),70’s Beatle bass copy (being rebuilt at present)

4 electrics - Gretsch 6121, modified Fender Strat, parts-built Jazzmaster, 70’s Japanese oddball guitar (being rebuilt)

2 acoustics - Epiphone Caballero, Nashville steel resonator

1 cigar box guitar


In the hundreds, but just the Gretsches:

‘64 Gent ‘64 6120 ‘68 Tenny ‘67 6075 12 string ‘68 Rally in green ‘68 Blackhawk in sunburst ‘67 Viking in sunburst ‘68 Viking in cadillac green ‘74 Viking 7588 in natural ‘73 Gent ‘68 Streamliner in red ‘73 Steamliner in red ‘65 Double Annie in smoke green, ‘64 Double Annie in bamboo yellow/jaguar tan ‘67 Corvette with Brain installed by Tavo ‘93 Double Annie in smoke green ‘’01 Single Annie in sunburst 6127 ‘06 White Falcon 6136 ‘03 hilo Tenny ‘16 White Panther ‘06 6122-12 in amber 5127 6129 TC Syncro Elliot Easton in cadillac green 5622T in Georgia green ‘05 G5015 Rancher Junior Wilburys TW200


I have six guitars and a bass. I have a rule that if it won't fit in my guitar closet it goes. The six guitars I have are all played regularly and all are exceptional - to me.

I don't see the point of multiples of the same model because I would only ever play the one I liked best. I'm not a touring player who needs backups. I don't see the point of having a guitar "just in case" I decide I need to play it. I also don't see the point of having so many guitars I forget what I have. I feel very, very fortunate to be able to keep the guitars i have.

For me it's all about the sound. I choose my guitars for their voice, and I can get quite fussy about how they sound! The fact that some of them look extremely cool is a bonus. I've also played long enough and tried enough guitars to know what it is that suits me. I've sold some amazing guitars that a lot of you would have cried to have sold - but if I don't play it I sell it.

Right now the only guitar I think I would like would be a Santa Cruz parlour-size acoustic, but I'm in no hurry! I don't have an acoustic so maybe it would be nice... But I can't afford one so that's that for now.


These, except for the Clipper which was sold to Bob Howard then he sold it on to someone else here on the GDP. More guitars than my talent allows for.


These, except for the Clipper which was sold to Bob Howard then he sold it on to someone else here on the GDP. More guitars than my talent allows for.

– Suprdave

If talent had anything to do with owning guitars, I'd be guitar-less! Always remember, you can never have too many guitars! Nice herd there, Dave!


I just don't see how any good can come from answering this question.

True dat.

Without a mental inventory, which will be difficult with the amount of congestion my head currently possesses, there are three most-accurate answers in my case:

  1. Almost enough
  2. Too many
  3. I'm not sure

My best rationalization is to preface this with the statement that: Several of them are for sale. I just can't seem to be home, conscious, and not sick long enough to get them on the market. But anyway: 49. This includes two basses, a lap steel, a Traveler travel guitar, the Phantom Mandoguitar, about 7 Gretsches, a dozen or so Reverends, 3 partscasters, many Teles, even one actually made by Fender, oh, I forgot the Swingster (it's boxed up and ready to ship, but the buyer backed out), so 50.

I almost forgot about my White Falcon because it has been in the shop for so long. I'd whine about it, but when Ry Cooder's guitar tech offers to custom-make you a set of Dynasonic risers so the pickups will sit at precisely the right height, you probably don't want to rush him.


Just the one.


Just the one.

– Afire

I think that you’re the smart one here and wish I could whittle down the collection to close to that. As I recall, The Norm also just had one (also a vintage Gent) plus a dobro and was very happy. You guys found the secret and are ahead of the game imo.

  • Yamaha Acoustic
  • Gretsch Duo Jet - Dynasonics
  • Gretsch Corvette - HiloTrons
  • Epiphone Casino - Gibson P90s
  • Fender Stratocaster Partscaster - TV Jones Power'Tron Bridge, Fender Tex Mex (Bridge Pickup) Middle, Rose Robusta Neck
  • Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster Partscaster - Fender Humbucker Bridge, Duncan Designed Jazzmaster Neck
  • Fender Precision Bass (MIJ E Series 1980s) - Stock Pickup
  • My Original Design (Freestyle) Guitar (3 Prototypes) - Rose Mozart, SD Phat Cats P90s, Kent Armstrong Humbucker P90s
  • My Original Design (Freestyle) Bass - Fender Jaguar Humbuckers

I have bought, built and sold a few guitars over the years to get to this collection. When I made the decision to record the best of my original songs I meticulously decided what guitars would give me the results I heard in my head. The Gretsch Duo Jet was the foundation guitar that the rest of the collection was built around. It is the only guitar featured on every track. The Fender Precision was also used on every track even though I really wanted to use my original designed bass! I had to concede that the Precision is the bass of basses. I even started a thread about it. I like the tone of my Yamaha acoustic better than many high end acoustic guitars I've heard. I stopped wanting acoustics after getting this one. You can hear it featured on this track - Fuzzy / Dizzy.


...about 55, but I'm hoping to get down to 20 or so by the end of 2020.



I've been down-sizing and currently have 6 -- 2 of which are for sale. The remaining 4 (3 Gretsch + 1 Martin) get played a LOT>

Given my age, I'm working towards a low inventory just in case...... so that my wife doesn't have too much stuff to unload.


Fifteen plus a bass. I don’t feel too guilty after reading this thread.


Several too few.

6 Gretsches:

6129-BZ Billy Zoom Jet,

6129-1957 Silver Jet,

6128-T-TVP Power Jet,



3166 Streamliner

Mosrite Mark V Ventures

Brian May Guitars Red Special

Eastwood La Baye 2x4 (Devo Tribute)

Ibanez Artist

Guttlin Helectrix

So 11 guitars plus 1 Fender Bass. My kids have more. I can think of 3 other Gretsch's I would buy if I found them at the right price, but I don't actively look.

The 6129BZ, 6128, and 6120RHH are the most played.


I used to keep count, but I don't any more, since I haven't been actively buying instruments for a number of years now. I think I've acquired 4 or 5 in the last 7 years, but haven't actually bought one since early 2018. Other than that, my wife won a 5622T at the 2018 Nashville roundup, but I'm technically only the "privileged caretaker" for that one.

I do know that it's more than 30, but less than 50. Beyond that, I couldn't tell you off the top of my head. My insurance company knows better than me. The only thing I DO know is that according to my GDP profile page, 19 of them are Gretsch instruments, including mandolins and basses.


"I have a rule that if it won't fit in my guitar closet it goes. "

My solution to that problem was to clear out a couple more closets.

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