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How Many Guitars Do You Have


Also do you get around to playing them all? Do you keep some around that you don’t play much just because you like them?

I believe a guitar should be played rather than just collected. With that said I go against what I believe if it’s a very cool guitar I like whether I play or not. My 1962 Kay Swimgmaster hollowbody is in that category but as great as it is I don’t seem so motivated to play it anymore so eventually I will sell it. So it’s in Limbo now. It is kept but might be sold later. Not positive on that but I will wait a year and see if I really want to sell or keep it.


Ten, all told. All of them get the love, tho some more than others. A mando and a uke, too. 6 keyboards as well.

And, a nose flute.


I have 16 . Most of them get played once a month, 6 or so weekly and 2-3 daily.There are a couple I hardly ever touch( my 62 Silvertone Jupiter which was my first and my Squier Strat)I think about downsizing but I can’t decide which should go and since I don’t NEED to , the collection remains intact for the time being.


I have to check with my roadie. And call my lawyer


I have 5 electric guitars, 2 acoustics, 1 mandolin and 1 banjo. I downsized to the cream, keeping only the gooduns, and they all get played.

It's kind of cool this way, because I can honestly say that my favorite guitar is the one that I'm playing right now. Each one has its own character and charms, and are a thrill to play.


I have six, including the Tele and CBG I built. These cover all I need. After having about 40 through the house in the last 12 or 13 years, these are what I have settled on and they all get used regularly.



Electric—> Gibson L5 (CES e CT), Gibson Tennessean, Gretsch 6122/1959, Fender Telecaster pure vintage 52

Acoustic—> MartinD18, Taylor 814CE, Gibson J45, Dobro Dinamico Del Vecchio


Gibson Chet Atkins CE 1988 showcase edition


I have 30 guitars (22 of them Gretsches), two basses, two mando instruments, and a lap steel. I think that's accurate. I lose track, because some stuff comes and goes. I've got two coming, and (I hope) one or two going soon.

I play them all in a very illogical rotation.



Twenty one including the kids’ stuff and one bass. Eleven are Gretsches and the rest are of varying interest. Ten guitars are out of their cases and get played to some degree. The cased ones (mostly solid bodies) only occasionally come out to play as I don’t use an amp at least half the time. Our daughter has just one at school (plus a keyboard) both of which get played.


As of this writing; 10

For 30 years all I had was my Fullerton made olympic white Fender Strat, and Ovation amplified acoustic. After my divorce in '03 I bought my Gibson '61 SG. My only amp was a Marshall Silver Jubilee combo, bought new in '88 (along with the Strat).

A couple of years back I wanted to have a bass around, for my own homegrown 'sacred grove'. I added a sweet MIJ Geddy Lee Fender bass. I have a Gallien-Krueger tube rig powering that. (I also have a nice complete Ludwig kit in the basement, always ready to play).

After an almost 15 year break I've bought 6 more guitars this year alone. An '03 wine Casino, a '57 reissue Duo-Jet, a G5420, a G5122, and a G5129. All gently used, good deals. The '57 Jet was the pricey one at $1300 (still a good buy), the rest I paid $500 or less each. All of them are in excellent /mint shape.

Most recently I picked up a 2001 Strat with a deep midnight wine finish. My first has a rosewood fretboard and I wanted something with maple. Being a MIM model I felt more comfortable about working on it myself, making several upgrades. Aside from having a Tusq graphite nut and locking tuners, it's loaded with 3 Burns Tri-Sonics, mini-toggles controlling the on-off and in-out of phase. ..Essentially a Stratocaster version of Brian May's Red Special.

With all that, I think I'm set for a while, though I'm always scouring Reverb and my local Craig's List for good buys.


I reckon I hover around 15 and a bass and dobro and uke.


I’m minor league compared to you guys.

I have 9 playable of which 4 get played regularly. The Tele, BZ Jet, 3110 and 3967.

Recently gave my 3140 to my son and sold the 460.

Two projects parked at Curt’s waiting for me to do something about them: Astro Jet and a thin line Tele copy.

Looking to sell my ‘64 Corvette and Americana Way Out West.

The others are a Historic Rancher Jr. 3410, a Jr. Jet Bass and a Gretsch acoustic my wife won in Balto some years ago.


A dozen, including a bass and a mandolin. I was playing all of them regularly (except the mandolin, haven't learned to play it yet but will get around to it one day). Then I found my 5122 and the guitar just fits me so well that I rarely play anything else now. My next aquisition will be a lap steel. Maybe that will get me playing something else... while my other guitars gently weep...

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