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How many guitars do you have?


I have 10. In some circles that's nothing. My woman seems to think that's a lot. Don't need a list of your gear, just curious on how many working guits y'all have. 8-)


I dont really know, honestly. I must count them someday. I only regularly use 4 or 5 of them though.


Hmmm... Let me pull up a chair and wait for Proteus to pop in here with his answer.


18 and dropping.


Three presently: An '01 6120-1960 A 2011 Les Paul Custom And a '07 J45 '68 reissue

Oh, and my bolt-neck 2X4 self-assembled travel guitar I have with me on my present Rt66 odessy, but does that count? :P :P


I collect instruments so my number is skewed - 82. And up until my first 6120 a couple years ago, I didn't own anything electric.


21 electric guitars,3 basses,4 steels,2 acoustics,and 1 dobro.


17, although 4 are for sale, plus 3 bodies I'm working on to turn into usable guitars


7 guitars, 1 banjo, 1 ukulele, 1 balalaika :)


Four plus the oud. Two are on the market now to fund another acquisition, so that will be three if it all shakes out according to plan. When I recover from that, there's one more on the list. Then really, I'm probably done. I've never been a collector or had the means to own more than 4 or 5 at a time.

My wife thinks Im crazy for even this many, i should show her this thread, lol :)

Might start looking at more ouds in a year or so, though -- there are some lovely varieties there :)


4 guitars; all regularly used for work and pleasure 8-)


Right now, 2. I'm keeping it simple for the sake of space. My G5120, (Which I will someday upgrade to a G6118, or a G6120DSW) and a EJ-200 Artist, which is sweet.


i now have 3 gretsch , 2 fenders , over all my years , i counted over 100 , that i bought since the age of nine ! sat down and wrote down every guitar i bought !


I have 12 or 13. My girlfriend decided to give me a hard time this weekend in front of my brother and his friend....so I asked her how many pairs of shoes she has.

"You can only wear one pair at a time"



As many as I require. Not one more, not one less.


According to my wife, I have 4. ;-)


19 electrics, 2 acoustics and 3 basses.

And a sitar.


I have 7 in total. 6 of them electric, including a 12 string, and one acoustic.


2 electrics, classical, and acoustic. 4 total

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