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Hotel in New York, Manhattan


For a friend: Good & affordable hotel in NY Manhattan, period September.

Any suggestions?


To save money, stay in Queens or just across the river in Jersey and hit the Apple by train. Everything is still so close and you will save a boat load of cash. Good and Affordable are not two Manhattan streets that cross each other, at least on any map I know of. Good luck and good wishes.


We usually stay around Secaucus. NYC is too expensive and there's no place to leave the vans.


I've been away too long, but it would be good to know where you think they want or wish to be most close.

What is affordable?


I can't imagine that there are any affordable hotels on Manhattan anymore. Just get a hotel further out in Queens or Brooklyn along a good subway line that will get you to Manhattan directly. The Subways run all night and you won't know the difference, travel time wise.


Thanks my good friends. This feedback is much appreciated by me and my friend.


Affordable is a relative word. Manhattan is more expensive to stay in than the other boroughs but you are closer to the most iconic attractions. I usually stay in the mid-town area because that’s where clients are or I need to be close to lawyers offices and stuff. The Andaz is nice. I stayed for $250ish I think last time I was there. Look for some of the boutique hotels rather than the chains. Avoid anything right on Times Square or very close because of price and bed bugs. The Lex was another one I’ve stayed at often over the years. But room size can be pretty inconsistent. My two cents - figure out where you want to be. Do a quick search using booking.com or hotels or Expedia or whatever and that will give you a price range idea. AirBnB is another option. If you don’t like the price range - go across the river or go further up town or down town on the island depending...


First time I took Mama Chitlins to NYC, she said, "Wow...it's like going to another country where your money isn't worth as much." I'm from a little north of there; I'd get a room in Yonkers or Mt. Vernon (Mt. Vermin) near the train.


Why would you need a room in 'the city that never sleeps'?


To store the results of Mrs shopping?

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