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Number 1 Bus


We had a great night at The Ship and Anchor here in Calgary last night. Check out this video of our song "Number 1 Bus". I'm playing my White Falcon, and I'm wearing my Nocturne shirt.

Number 1 Bus


Scott, when I was a kid (and that's some years ago now lol) one my favourite bands was Stiff Little Fingers. Your singing reminded me of Jake Burns their singer. Thanks for posting mate, that took me back some years


Taffy, we are currently working on a version of "Suspect Device". I love Stiff Little Fingers!


Sorry Nick, I confused your name with the previous post. My apologies. When I heard your track I instantly thought of "Nobody's Heroes". Not because the song sounded like it but the vocals reminded me of Jake Burns singing style in that song and of course many others. I think your song is great in it's own right and I enjoyed listening to it. I'll look forward to you posting more songs and also "Suspect Device" when you get that sorted.

I don't want to sound like an old bugger spouting about the the old days but there were some great bands around when I was a kid (you already know who they are) and your post reminded me of it. Continue!!!!

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