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Are you a GAMBLER?


Ok, so everywhere I look these days I'm surrounded by temptation for gamblers. VLTs, Lottery tickets, gaming tickets of every kind, Texas holdem tourneys, crap games, card games, quiz shows, reality TV competitions, and more and more local casinos. It just doesn't end. People spending millions, upon millions, upon millions, in the quest for instant gratification in the form of instant, or at least pending, "easy" money. Throwing away good, hard earned savings with both hands. And the strange thing is, most actually believe it's going to happen to them. They fully believe they can and will win! At least, all of the "gamblers" I talk to seem to.

Call me a cynic, but I find it more than just a bit reflective of an ever growing sense of desperation within our society. A call to misanthropic madness. And an incredibly effective way, for government especially, to fleece the teeming masses for ever more of their dwindling resources. I just find it sad and more than a little disturbing. Gambling, a little gambling can actually be positive, if the gambler is taking a chance on life. Pouring effort and capacity into a challenge that may actually lead to the increase of one's personal growth. Like the chances we all take on love for instance. But this maniacal madness that takes place over the tables and counters of every corner dime store? Sorry, I just don't get it.

So, can anyone here enlighten me as to this crazed phenomenon? What kind of a "Gambler" are you? BTW, I've never played the lotteries in my life. Then again, I've never been hit by lightning either...


When I was in the Navy in the 60s, I found myself in front of a slot machine. A Nickel a try.

One Nickel lost; two Nickels lost; three Nickels lost. I saw a trend.

That was enough for me. Fifteen cents, down the drain.

The Lottery?

Odds worse than the slot machine. Lots worse.


No. Wanna bet?


I don't take those sorts of gambles either. I'm a very sore loser. But those other kinds of gambles...the kind that may turn out for good...like the time when I asked that pretty girl out on a date? Heck yeah! Worked for me. And she still likes me after 35 years. Everybody wins.


A "thrill of the win" gambler. I love playing Roulette....even/odds, red/black, 3 to 1. I honestly can tell you of the 8 or 9 times I've played in a Casino, I have never lost. Maybe it's because I'm not playing to make money....as crazy as that sounds.


I don't think it's, as you say 'an incredibly effective way, for government especially, to fleece the teeming masses for ever more of their dwindling resources'. Gambling is a 'choice'. No one makes you gamble, unlike making you buy health insurance or tax you to bail out failing companies, It's generally owned by private companies , Casino's built by voter approval, and is taxed at high rate with monies going to parks and recreation, school, etc... Gambling has always been around, it's just more prevalent today because of the internet.
I'm a gambler. I play Texas hold em, primarily. I enjoy the gamesmanship, socialization, skills ( yes,there are skills to playing Hold 'em) and the possibility of winning. If I lose I don't blame the government. I blame myself. I take responsibility for my loses and my winnings. I don't spend more than I can afford. Those who do have a problem, just like someone who overeats, spends hundreds of dollars on cigarettes, drinks alcohol in excess, need help. If I go play a few hours on a $100 and lose, big deal. How is that any different than going to a restaurant and spending a $100? It all comes out in the end. For many, it's an escape from there every day lives. Kinda like going to Disneyland as a kid. For some a $2.00 lottery ticket is a chance at win millions. Nothing wrong spending $2.00 once and awhile for that possible 'pot of gold'. Like they say 'you can't win if you don't play'. But as I said in the beginning 'It's a choice'. My question would be why does it bother you so much?

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