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hey hair metal dudes — get yr tix now


It’s now called “Receding Hair Line Metal”.


Hummm I don't think so. I've watched a few Motley reunion vids in the last days. Vince is all marble mouthed, out of shape, still wearing stupid gloves and chains and vests and while the band is tighter and more ferocious than ever, he just isn't.. If the rest are anywhere near that condition...


Steel Panther not being in that line-up is a bit of a fail IMHO.


Back in the day, that would have been awesome. But it's sad to watch 50-year-olds (and 60s!) play "Get The Funk Out", "Here I Go Again", and "Seventeen" lol. I LOVE this music (this was "my scene"), but it's not the same.... I almost didn't buy Bob Seger tickets for the same reason (but I DID because I've never seen him live).

How Bon Jovi keeps selling tickets, with his lack of a voice now (he sounds like air being slowly let out of a ballon, and if he's in key it's a good night), I'll never know.

And all this also applies to the Rolling Stones. I've seen videos of recent tours where they were OK, and others where they were pretty bad. It's sad.

Maybe Led Zep (Robert Plant specifically), really did have the right idea all these years....

Vai can still bring it, so can Malmsteen (believe it or not), but there's no singing involved with guitar music.

BUT.....the one guy who has not only lost anything, but seems to just get better, is BRIAN SETZER (not the same genre of course, but the same age!)


All still a million times better than hipperty hopperty urban and current day pop music.


more like MP3 Festival, amirite?


That's a great line-up! Some of those bands still bring the heat. I know that Andy Timmons of Danger Danger is still on!


I saw Kix recently at the Whiskey A Go Go and they tore it up. They are still as great as ever.


That's a great line-up! Some of those bands still bring the heat. I know that Andy Timmons of Danger Danger is still on!

– Suprdave

Better than he ever was. His solo (all guitar) stuff is INCREDIBLE. Almost a shame he "slums it" with Danger Danger still once in awhile LOL.

(and I came from that era, loved all that stuff).

During his rig rundown, he made a great joke when asked about why he uses a cord instead of a wireless, and he said "yeah we used wireless back in the day, because we had to jump around and be all exciting because the music wasn't enough" LOL


Meh. The only band on that list I'd like to see would be Dokken. But without George Lynch, I'm not interested.

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