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Hey Deed


My sister is heading up to see me from Philly, just because we are loving siblings, she is also bringing a cat for us named Fiona she is a mighty mouser, I hope so. Shes five years old, I'll be taking some pics and post them soon. I have a lot of land but think I'll keep her inside until she knows she has a family, then I'll put a kitty door in for her. I can't wait for our new family member. My head is spinning.

Love, Cats are cool.


They really are, Chris. They can be so annoying and self centered, yet they are the best pals and comforters on Earth. They are hilarious, witty, and charming. They are haughty and vain. They also know we are their slaves and will cater to their every whim. Fiona will help you through those bad days, I'm so glad to hear she's coming to your house.

I miss our kitty every day.


We're cat people too. Truth is cats have a lot less stressful life living indoors. We brought 4 cats from the States to here. We have a revolving door of outdoor cats since we too live in the country. Big turnover on the outside cats.


In our 40+ years together, we've had over a dozen cats. Seems to help having more than one---sometimes. Like Razzer said, there's a big turnover on outside cats. There are too many predators bigger than they are, and outdoor cats are hard on songbirds. They can live far longer inside.

Just remember, dogs have owners, cats have staff.


She has taken a position under our bed and is still a bit overwhelmed by her new conditions, I slept in one of the other bedrooms last night with the dog. Vicky says that at around midnight she came out to use the litter box and spent the rest of the night right on a pillow next to her head and allowed a good petting. Vickys new pup and the cat hit it off right away when my sister first let her out of her travel box before she made a beeline for up stairs and under our bed so I see no problem there. I'm not going in today and methinks I'll just read a book and let curiosity have her come out and meet me proper. I would have taken a pic or two of her under the bed but I have so many dust bunny's there I would have been embarrassed. When she comes out on her own I know where the vacuum needs to go. Fiona is a cool cat, she needs a bit of space to rap her head around her new home.


hope this pic works


We have a male that looks identical to her. Frankie, named due to his blue eyes, is deaf---apparently white male cats with blue eyes are all deaf---so he's definitely a special needs critter. He's a troublesome little schmuck, who loves antagonizing our other cat (the Dowager Empress Lilian), getting in the way, and knocking things off of counters and tables. Obstinate PITA.


Ah, look at that face. You're doomed. xx


She came out from under the bed after Vicky left for work and allowed me to pet her and scratch her back for a while then went back under again, I'll not disrupt her comfort zone right now. Yup I'm in love, but she has got to get to work after the mice in the basement before to long.


Catching mice isn't work to a cat --- that's big fun!


She came down last night, I had an actual sighting, we have a very big house and shes hiding someplace I know she has not got outside as her litter box has been in use and she has been eating her food. I understand it's a hard thing on her coming to a new big world. Time will make every thing good. When my wife gets home tonight I think we will search the house from attic to basement and find her furry little face just to know where she is.

Cool post Parabar, might be she is already down in the basement having fun with the mice. I hope so.


Deed My hands and arms look like they have gone through a meat grinder. Kitty has some sharp claws and teeth and loves to play. I love this cat/ person. The dog and cat are having some issues but Fiona is having her way with the dog, I find that a good situation.

Just a heads up on my new family member.



If I had a nickel for every scratch and claw mark I've gotten....


She is out and about the house now and giving Vicky's pup a load of heck! Funny really. Nice to see a eight pound kitty standing up a sixty pound German Shepard pup. Those claws and needle teeth do a job on the nose of a dog.


My cat chased a Doberman out of the house. Dog never stopped to check that the cat was declawed.


Big ears = Good mouser My parents had an orange tabby (male of course) that used to take out squirrels regularly..I would find the tail and the top half neatly laid out with the middle bit missing. Very affectionate tow, loved a good sleep in a lap. She would roam the neighbourhood sometimes disappearing for a few days at a time. My mother discovered there was a house 5 doors down and one street over that thought he was their cat too. &^%&^ opportunist!

My Girlfriend and I's current cat (ragdoll) caught a mouse in our apartment,. bit one leg off and then played with it till my girlfriend woke up and spoiled the fun, I swear the cat is constantly reliving this moment of glory. Inside cat, super affectionate, playful, and communicative. Enjoy your new master.


Our youngest Granddaughter's cat got out a few weeks ago during a pretty vulnerable time and since we live in a sparsely populated area, she left her wander.

....bad idea.

She's been wider than long here lately and yesterday she wanted to return to the safety of her house.

She ran in and right under the Dishwasher!

Yup, six new kittens! The last two or three popped out during the Eclipse. We don''t know which of the six are the Eclipse Kitties, so we aren't gonna name any of them and instead let the new owners pick their own celestial monikers, if they wish.

Not counting the new Kittens, we already have eight Cats! Eight is enough!!!

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