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Heading to the US again


So, I’m heading out to Baltimore to see my daughter who works as a singer/dancer for Royal Caribbean. Got a 10 night cruise that hits Charleston SC, Cape Canaveral and Miami, across to the Bahamas then 3 days in Las Vegas. Just a couple of questions, about what I should really aim to see, given I have around 10 odd hours in each port. Vegas is pretty much sorted. Also, is this government shutdown gonna cause me any grief ?? The other question is what’s the best way to get from Dulles Airport to Annapolis ?? It’s the only thing the bride hasn’t organised. I’m staying there with some folks I met on last years cruise, before hitting the ship. Thanks in advance.


There are a few ways to get from Dulles to Annapolis. Bus or shuttle. See here.


No shutdown probs except boarding in airports (delay).

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