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Have You Driven Your Car For 53 Years?


The 57 Chevy lady has been on the car shows with her beautiful car. Another was a little old lady with an original Ford Falcon she has driven every day since she bought it. She estimated an overhaul, tires, gas, and 13 batteries in the life of the car, she refuses to sell.


Metman, love the Hawk. That's another amazingly successful facelift on what was a 10-year-old body when it came out. Brooks Stevens did some remarkable work there.

With Studebaker's heritage, the company deserved better than its sad end. Bad management and union problems are often blamed, but the concerted effort by the Big 3 to squeeze out independents in the early-mid 50s did a lot of damage too.

I'm glad you're keeping that example in shape. It's a handsome representative of a proud lineage.


My dad bought a brand new 57 in 57. It was that sky blue with a white top. I hated it because it was a 4 door hardtop, 4 doors. ug.. so thought a kid. It developed the usual quirks of the model, the rattling shackels of the back leaf springs, squeeking front springs, but he had ordered a straight 6 and it never arrived and instead the 283 engined one was in the lot, identical with the exception of motor, he took it. It also had the cool rubber bullet inserts on the front bumper, I liked that.

He drove it a good 10 years and finally sold it after getting rear ended, which drove the entire rear body to bend down on the frame. It was a beautiful car at the time, but I didn't appreciate it as a kid because I was over the moon for the coupe models.


But parked in her rickety old garage is a brand new, shiny red, super stock Dodge

Katherine Minner, inspiration for the song, star of Dodge commercials with her tag line, “Put a Dodge in your garage, Honey!”

– Deed Eddy

Reminds me of this song:


Now that Deke is a GDP member, this thread reminds of of this song:


My 1961 double cab has been my daily driver for over 25 years


Only sort of apropos to this post, we went to the Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake a couple weeks back, where on the first Friday of every month there's a classic car show. Mustangs, Camaros, Bel Airs, Cobras, Nashes, T-birds, rail jobs, shoeboxes, etc., all in various stages of restoration (and some not at all). The entire, large lot overflows. Underneath the awnings of the car-hop stalls, the cars, music and crowd transport one one back to the 50s and 60s. There are plenty of classic car meet-ups in the area, but this one is special. Highly worth the trip if you're in the area.

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