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Have any of you been here before?


Very curious, wondering why I have never heard of the Show...several years on the air with PBS.

The cave has always been there, they just set up and tape an episode every month.


Just north of Springfield, MO there is a cave complex called Fantastic Caverns that was a big time venue back in the day. Everybody played there, ... cool Summertime relief!



I've been spelunking for decades, but, sadly, that's one hole in the ground I've not been in. I do watch Bluegrass Underground, tho. The acoustics have to be unusual. As an old stagehand, I find the lighting and sound gear on that show to be interesting. Lots of caves down in your neck of the woods, Dave---get into any?

"Take only pictures, leave only footprints."---Spelunker's Motto.


Wabash, I have been to Marengo and Mammoth cave. Took our Boy Scouts to Marengo. They used to have a course called the crusher. You had to change out of your clothes in the cave after the tour. Part of the tour was walking through an underground river that came up to my waist. Other parts were very challenging for an old fat guy like me. being Scouts we always leave our surroundings better than they were before we came. I'm particularly curious about the sound in a place like this, as well. A friend offered to pay for tickets for the sunday show. I may check it out. It should be very cool!


Uhh, yeah. It's almost in my backyard. About 45 minutes from my house.

Really neat concept, and the sound is interesting. Some people balk at the 650 yard walk, 350 yards of it downhill into a cave. Which means, a 350 yard walk uphill coming back out. It's not too bad, but there is NO handicap access or elevators whatsoever.

If you're going to get the standard General Admission ticket, ya better get there early-- seating is limited to 500, of which many are VIP seating, so if it's a sold out show and you have a GA ticket, you may be standing the entire time... before having to walk uphill for 350 yards on the way out!


Dave, I'm an old Scout myself. Made it to Life. Did Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Sea Scouts. Work/life/school cut into my time for Scouts. I've been thru Marengo and Mammoth as well as a bunch of other caves.


My wife loves spelunking...no bugs!

Cool and moist, too.


I've seen the show on PBS a few times. it "airs" on Sunday nights here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

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