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Has Anyone Heard From Beatles6120 Mitch?


Many here remember well Mitch (aka Beatles6120), the brother of the late Scott "Zuma" Wolf. Mitch was from the Chicago area and he spoke so often in such loving terms of the influence that Scott had on him.

Mitch developed cancer about three years ago. He seemed to respond well to some form of treatment, yet still would deteriorate. I posted in the CBell thread a quote from his online post this past August. He had lost a tremendous amount of weight and had had his driver's license pulled by the State of Illinois because of the heavy medications that he was taking.

Mitch was a very nice guy here on the GDP and I confess to being a bit worried for him given his very long absence from the GDP, as well as a Go Fund Me type of site where people were helping him with his medical bills.

Has anyone heard from Mitch? I know that I have an email address for him somewhere and will try to contact him.

Life is short and precious. Hang on closely to those you love.


His facebook stream has unanswered inquiries from other friends & my message to him some time back went unanswered. I'll try giving him a call. We sure shared some Beatle fun together. Sweet guy.


Unless I'm misspelling something, I no longer see his screen name listed here at the GDP "community" page.


Unless I'm misspelling something, I no longer see his screen name listed here at the GDP "community" page.

– geoguy



He appears to have posted on his Facebook page on December 14.


Thank's for that notice Richard. I'm glad to hear it.


I have persisted in trying to find out about Mitch/Beatles6120. FINALLY, another Mitch, Mitch Speck, answered a general post and then messaged me. He has given me permission to post his message here:

"Mitch is still pretty ill with cancer for about 5 years now, and he has had a ton of other medical issues on top of that (Broken Ribs, punctured lung). I see him 1 or 2x a month and speak to him just about every week. He has been feeling pretty good lately, so he came over to record in my studio for the first time in 2-3 years. He was playing really well that day. He currently lives in West Rogers Park in Chicago. Here is his email. (let OA know if you need it.)

Paperback Writer #1- W Cassman - 6_7_18, 3.26 PM.m4a The Link: https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59...

Paperback Writer #1- W Cassman - 6_7_18, 3.26 PM.m4a https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59...

That song has Mitch on drums...and me on everything else."

At least this is a bit of news, still rather sad news, but news.

Olivia Anne


This is the stream which I could not find. It's still here, obviously.


Mitch talks about the Gretsch pages often and speaks fondly of you all. Here is a link to another tune we did last week. He was always a great drummer. Mitch at 70% is still better than most at 100%. He plays drums on this. I do everything else. One of the guitars is my Country Gentleman and the other is a Ric 325. Anyway, thanks for thinking of him, I know he appreciates it. https://soundcloud.com/fab-...

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