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Harvest thread.


I enjoy the various threads involving harvests this time of year. I've harvested two lambs, a few bushels of sweet corn, some atomic size butternut sqashes and about to bring in about ten gallons of kiwi berries. ( grape size kiwis). My grape buddy's have sent around nine tons of wine varietys to the winery. We have about four tons to pick on Thursday. I was lucky to pick enough red grapes to make 12 gallons of wine. Hopefully I might get more juice before the season ends. I will also make apple wine after the grape season ends with whatever containers I have left empty. (Free apples by the tin around here).


Yeah, well you'd better wash your hands before touching your guitars,Dave.


It's good to have work.


My favorite harvest:


Pressing white grapes. Cayuga. Kinda brown color


Why are the potatoes purple? Is that the variety that is purple? Or are they being colored by something else?


It's a variety. Originally from South America. Grew well here this summer. Yukon golds grow great here too

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