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Happy Thanksgiving!


Just sayin'.

I got lots to be thankful for.

What about y'all?


Just sayin'.

I got lots to be thankful for.

What about y'all?

– UncleGrumpy

Thanks Uncle. Happy Thanksgiving to you too and all our GDP family.


Thanks, U.G.!! Wishing the same to you and yours.


Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I've much to be happy for myself. Every day above dirt is a good one.


Thank you Grumpy, best wishes to you and your family.


Same to all of you and yours. Prayers for all of you who are feeling loss, grief or a carrying a heavy burden.

BTW: Up early to put a 29 lb bird in the oven. Biggest I’ve ever done. How about you?


On behalf of the Canadian GDP'ers, Happy Thanksgiving to our US Gretsch friends.


.. And to you and yours, all! Cheers.

It's been a fortunate year for the most part, so I'm feeling particularly grateful.

Both of my children (ages 22 & 25) are coming into their own and finding their feet in the world. It's humbling to witness.

I've finally finished updating and restoring my 125 year old Victorian, and after 20 years here have decided to sell. After a tumultuous streak the peace of mind has been welcome, but 20 years spent anywhere is plenty.

The icing on it all has been having the financial latitude to invest in some new gear, including a delve into Gretsches. I've been playing more guitar than I had in years, another welcome shift.

I hope everyone here has a safe and festive Thanksgiving!


I’m thankful that I am now CEO of the Make Bob Happy Corp. Thanks to my recent retirement, I can now devote my time, energy and thoughts to my real mission...music, art, story telling and other creative endeavors.

...and I am thankful to have the love and support of family and friends.

Count your blessings and try to be happy, friends.


Started my Oyster Dressing before shoveling 3 more inches of overnight snow.

My wife is about to start the Pie making.

We picked up our Smoked Turkey from the local "Butcher Boy" Shop on Tuesday before the storm came in. As much as I have smoked our own turkey for decades, part of our Holiday history, charcoal rotisserie, etc., last year was too windy, this year the first blizzard of the season.

Last year's Butcher Boy Bird was outstanding, my wife even called them on Friday to tell them.

Hopefully, this year we will also be duly impressed! We bought a much larger one. Not enough Leftovers last year.

We have had a good year overall, each of us having our own list of personal "repairs and refurbishments" undertaken...first year ever of meeting our healthcare deductible!

Our Bichon being our only loss last April. What a good girl she was, and she loved "poultry".

Thanksgiving was quite the day for "Solo". We will be thinking about her...



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

After counting my blessings, of which I have many in the form of friends, family, etc... I realize things are pretty good after all, and, there's turkey!

I'm thankful for all of you.


This is a very different Thanksgiving for me. I'm "accidentally" having Thanksgiving dinner at home by myself. In my life, Thanksgiving has been special. After I married, we had to juggle three dinners with different branches of the family in one day. It caused me to be sure I never "required" that of Drew & Emily.

Of course, had I told any of my friends, or my son, I'd be somewhere else. But, as I checked in with everyone, each had made plans. So, I decided I'd "entertain" myself!

I have so very much for which to be thankful, and I am. I'm planning to spend my day focused on that--After I finish up dinner, and pie. If you find yourself nearby and wishing dinner, consider yourself invited. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Edit: Drew and Emily just messaged to say they're running late, for dessert. Ha. They have too many "parents" to organize. They are sure we discussed it. I had lovely turkey feast, and now have an excuse for second helping of dessert!


Happy Thanksgiving, Olivia. You're a special gal here at the GDP. Thanksgiving here in Spain is, well, what you make of it. The Spanish butcher puzzles over why one would order a whole turkey in November. Turkeys are not stocked in the grocery stores so it has to be ordered. So while life goes on as normal for the masses, my wife and I share a turkey feast. Happy Thanksgiving to Grump & family and everyone else here at the GDP.


Happy Thanksgiving to all on the GDP! Safe travels everyone!


I’m thankful to have all four of my boys home this year. Gonna have 16 people and three dogs in the house today, just crazy. But fantastic.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May the heavens snow and the cold beer flow.



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! All three of my daughters will be here along with my grandchildren. Going to be a full house this afternoon. About to finish some smoked sausage stuffing that I started yesterday. Peace!


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends south of the border!

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