Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. Its my favorite holiday; just a relaxed get together with the family and great food. This year we're having dinner at my sons' place; prime rib.


Happy Thanksgiving Canada! Eat, drink and be merry!


Spitting rain here in Vancouver but a nice quiet relaxing day. I have 3 NFL games recorded - get through them in half the time - so I'm set for the day! Turkey later along with my own killer recipe for sweet potatoes. One ingredient you'd have to make now to be in time for the US Thanksgiving: sultana raisins soaked in dark rum. My recipe beats mashed regular potatoes no matter how you cook 'em.


Sounds yum! I shall try and get some set aside next week. Already have the rum.

And yes, Happy Thanksgiving! We are taking it easy today and tomorrow, like Dave, catching up. Did a big lunch with family, tonight is just for us. Laid back, quiet.


Just returned from a lovely dinner with family and a few spirited games post-meal to help digest the feast (and to help me stay awake). Great holiday, and happy Thanksgiving to all!


Happy Thanksgiving to our friends up North.

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