Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Thanksgiving”!, and, “Holidays”!, to Everyone :)


Absolutely! As a nation of immigrants from all over the globe, there are myriad of cultures represented!

Thank goodness for all of them!

May we all enjoy our traditions at this time of year in a nation who has given all citizens the ability to freely celebrate in their own special way!


Happy Thanksgiving my GDP friends! I hope you all are doing well and are able to be with at least some of your friends and family today. This is the shortest Thanksgiving Dinner guest list that I've ever had, but I'm thankful that we do get to share dinner with my family members who are local. My Daughter and son in law along with their two children and one of my brothers are the only guests joining my wife and I this year. We're kind of far flung as a family anyway, and 'the rona' is keeping from our usual gathering. But we have just finished our feast and are chilling out. Best wishes to all of you!

This is the first Thanksgiving without my brother John and his daughter Emily. They were killed in an automobile accident one year ago 11/24/2019. It was a terrible loss for our family. Of my four brothers and one sister, I was closest with John. I miss him terribly, and it's still difficult to come to terms with, one year later.


Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.


Hope you all had a good'n!

We had our one grandson over, the rest of our folks are distanced from us so we did the Zoom/Facetime thing with those folks and I called a few friends.

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