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Happy Fathers Day


To all the big Daddys, hope your kids throw a big party for you today. I have four sons who have all grown to be kind men and I couldn’t be more proud.

To my Dad, Happy Fathers Day Pops.


Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! I miss my dad every day.


Father's day?

Fathers Day!!, are you kiddin' me!!?

Have you looked around this place?

Hey! We're all lookin' for Grandfather's, and G'Grandpas day!

But ok, if there are any first generation Fathers hangin' 'round here: Happy Fathers Day!


Happy Father's (and Grand Father's) day! Im having my daughter and grandkids over today. I'm smoking an 8 lb pork loin for dinner. I'm up early to get the smoker stoked for the days activities.


Ha! I still end up doing all the work. I should have started a ‘Dad’s gone fishing Day’ tradition years ago.


Happy Father's Day!!!!! I went fishing this morning. It rained the whole time. My clothes were wringing wet. Got home, took a hot shower and put on some warm lounging clothes. Now I'm covered up on the couch with my bulldog beside me asleep. It's just as sunny as it could be outside. I think I'll just stay right here.


Saw the sweetest Father's Day video on FB today. Former co-workers of mine had hooked up years ago. I'll call them Bob and Alice (not their real names). Alice had a son from her previous marriage, and she and Bob have since had a daughter together. Seems to be a nice little family unit.

The boy is maybe 14-15 now. In the video, he and Bob are sitting at home. The boy has turned his phone camera on and set it down, then he turns to Bob and says words to effect of "You've been a great dad to me all these years, since I was little, would you like to make it official now and adopt me as your son?" And of course, Bob says, "Of course I will, buddy. Of course!" And they hug and Bob has tears, and it's wonderful. Best Father's Day gift ever.


Yes guitar-heads are an aging bunch and there are fewer of them, generationally, behind us. I know a few guitar dads and their own sons are just into other things and don't see what all the fuss is about.

Still, Happy Fathers Day to all.

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