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Happy Easter!!! (Where are the songs?)


Regardless of faith and commitments, the story of Jesus of Nazareth's final Passover week is one of the most powerful stories ever told. One would expect it to have produced some amazing music. Yet if one asks me for a list of Christmas vs. Easter songs, one column has Oh Holy Night, The Little Drummer Boy, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlement, Silent Night, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, etc., while the other has...? I know there is some magnificent choral and liturgical associated with Easter. But songs? Where are the songs that express the drama, the mystery, the triumph over death and the harrowing of hell itself?

Gotta admit, the best Easter songs, and they are only obliquely associated, are from U2's second album, October.


It's not about bunnies and candy. The only popular Easter song that comes to mind is about bonnets and a parade. Plenty of hymns, however. Being Polish, we Slavic types actually hold Easter higher than Christmas. Easter, like Christmas, has been usurped by those wanting to sell things. It all seems to come from pagan Spring festivals, the rebirth of the Earth, the Vernal Equinox and such. As in most things, it seems to be all about the money.


The resurrection is and should be the focal point of all christianity and it dose coincide with passover and passover has to do with angles and marked doors but not any pagan rites of spring. The word Easter might have something to do with an old goddess Ester, I could see the church giving a nod to an older deity as a way to draw in some business, in this case it would only have to do with the name of the day and nothingelse. As noted above I can rattle off a bunch of good Christmas songs but can't think of a real good toe tapper about easter. If you are a believer like I used to be than Happy Easter is an odd thing to say to someone in that it should be a day of somber reflection. But what the heck I'll say it anyway. To one and all. HAPPY EASTER!!!


I believe Leadbelly had one called "On Easter Morn He Rose", covered by McGuinn on his 12 string guitar video.

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