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Happy Birthday to the US Marines


With gratitude to our own here, Uncle Grumpy and LA Manny, and of course any I have missed.


Happy Birthday to the Marines, an invaluable component to our nation's defense. And a salute to all those who have served our nation.


Happy Birthday US Marines! Thank you for keeping us free and safe. I've heard first hand accounts about the current state of the Middle East from a Marine friend of mine who served there within the last few years and you guys are true superheroes.


Very interesting. So, November 10 is not just the Marines birthday. November 10 is also the day that the Iwo Jima memorial was dedicated and the Vietnam Vets memorial was first opened to the public.


Thanks Everyone for for the Birthday wishes, Every MARINE is born on November 10th!

Just got back from visiting my 93 year old neighbor John , a World War 2 Battle of Iwo JIma Marine. He was a "Para-Marine" who earned his Jump Wings at Camp Gillespie in San Diego.A Great Marine and a Great American.


Interesting read.. http://specialoperations.co...


I'll add my Birthday wishes as well. Our troops have stood side by side many times. To me, their nationalities are inseparable.


Semper Fi! Didn’t know what to do with myself after 23 years in the Corps. Then my wife bought me a guitar and here we are.


55 years ago yesterday, I joined the US Navy.

The Navy, I soon learned, had a solid tradition of plowing the field prior to the Marines advancing ashore. Even better, giving them at least the vestiges of a Party Boat for the well deserved ride back home!

Pretty effective team, I'd wager!

And for you guys assigned to ships company who guarded our Missile Houses and tended our Brig, you sure looked a lot more imposing than some common ol' swab! Thanx for helping keep our ships secure!

Happy Birthday!

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