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Happy Birthday Sjolte!


Hey Jesper,
A very happy birthday to you.
Did you do any unwrapping yet? Perhaps a nice old beat up Tweed Deluxe........:D


Happy birthday Sjolte! I hope that you have a great day. 8-)


Happy birthday. Skol!

Still enjoying the hell out of the SSLVO.


Happy B-Day Mr. Sjolte, Sir.

I hope you got some nice presents. And some beer of course. :-)


Thanks folks! Getting ready for tonight's party. Lots of food, wine and happy guests


Congratulations, Jesper! Have a great party, i hope there's some live music as well ...! :D


Hope your having a great day....Happy Birthday.


From the snowy environs of Northern California, I wish you a wonderful birthday, Sjolte! Make it a great one!


Happy birthday Jesper! Pick a nice jazz standard on that lovely 'club you have.:)


Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! :)


It's time for that birthday report you don't want to write. Status please...


Right. Party ended 8 am Sunday morning. It should have ended at least 3 hours before judging by the insanity creeping in at the end. Well, apart from that it was great.
Got nice presents. Jimi Hendix mug, Black Keys albums, a cool shirt, panties made of candy (don't ask) ...

Danman, I hope to try out the Deluxe again this week. If I can justify the price vs condition I'll get it.

Thanks again for the b-day wishes :D


Panties made of candy. That's key here.

Do I still want to go to the next Euro Roundup? I can't get a certain image out of my head...

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