Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday Redrocker!


Have a super birthday, Paul!


Have a blast, Paul!


Ooooo...Happy Birthday, Paul!


Happy Birthday, Paul! It's your fault I'm Gretsch-obsessed!


Happy Birthday!!!! Have yourself a great day!


Happy birthday Redrocker, many happy returns, I hope you have fantastic day!


Happy Birthday, Paul ! Have a great day ! Hope to see you sometime soon.


Happy Birthday Paul !


Have a happy birthday sir!


From the mild west coast, have a terrific Birthday Paul!


Happy Birthday, Paul!


Happy birthday, Paul. Hope to see you at the Canadian Round Up in May.


Thanks everyone! I write this with a somewhat foggy and slightly pounding head, at a little past noon...

That can only mean one thing — a fine celebration was had!

(I tried to write this at 3am last night, but gave up trying.)


Happy birthday, Paul. I think that you are overdue to pay a visit to Sacto, aren't you? I hope that your birthday was a great one.


Sorry I missed the big day, Paul, but it sounds like you had a great time .


Many Happy (late) returns, sir!!


Well dang, I missed it too. Hope you saved me some cake.

Happy day-after-birthday, Paul. You're a pretty good guy to have around.


Happy Birthday!


No worries belated-ites, you're all still in synch, because there's a devious stratagem (a nefarious plot you might say) —which is already in place— that will extend this nonsense into next weekend. So apparently I've learned nothing from a mild hangover. Instead, I'm leaning in... welcome to the sixth decade.

Bob, my Sack o' tomatoes trip has already come and gone... I was out in mid-January for only 10 days. It was very much a working visit (my own work, and lotsa stuff to do for mom), so unfortunately there was no free fun time to be had.

However I was able to squeeze in a very short get-together with Matt Codina, who it so happens currently lives near my mom — in fact the next town over. He's a good friend of Tavo's (which is how I met him, sort of, via Buddy Dughi), and I'd first met him surrounding some NAMM events in 2014, but it was very brief. What a great privilege it was to hang with him for a few hours! He's one badass player who does everything from Chet to Merle to Scotty and everything in between. All on a killer TK Smith rig.

I know, I should snapped some pics. But it DID happen.

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