Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday NJDevil!


Have a super birthday, Mr.Devil!


Have a very Happy Birthday!


A big shout out from the other coast!!


Happy Birthday, have a good one! Cheers!


Should your happy birddogs be hellhounds who can track their way to the Jersey swamps, bearing gifts?


Happy birthday bro! You get that tele yet???


Pretty good day...all work but very rewarding and now enjoying a wee bit of bourbon!!!

Thank you folks!!!


Happy birthday bro! You get that tele yet???

– ruger9

Ha ha.....I'm a mess. I've decided on the Pro II but love the Sienna burst but stock is low. I'm intrigued about the models with the rosewood fingerboard but the colors in that are mostly out of stock.

I'm kind of having fun adding a buffer in the savings and building a bit of "green inventory" so I want to see how long I can hold out.

I figure I'm working 12 hours/day right now so not much playing anyway. It will happen!


Happy birthday, NJDevil, many happy returns, I hope you had a fantastic day!


The trick of course, is to keep getting better with age. But then, you already knew that. Happy belated, hope you had a good one...


The Devil and Daniel Webster - ye Gods!


Thanks a ton guys..... I worked a ton yesterday but a great outcome was realized today that brought a very happy ending to a project. It went right up to executive management but better than the outcome was feeling both grateful and thankful for the opportunity to "be at it again".

This is my 5th week with my new company and so far, so good!!!


Almost missed it... HAppy CAke DAy!

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