Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday NezJr!


Have a great birthday, Nez!


Happy birthday, Nez, many happy returns, I hope you have fantastic day!


Happy Birthday, Scott. Sure do hope it was so fine. Miss you around all the places we used to "intersect." Hope we have an Abbey Road on the River and another Roundup soon, and that you're there, and me, too. All My Lovin, & hello to all the Boys, Olivia Anne


well, once more I am late to the party. Bet the cake is all gone.

Hope it was a good one, regardless!!


A belated Happy birthday to you, Mr. Nez, sir.


Yikes, I missed the party too. Happy Belated Birthday!


I guess there was no one later to the party than me! Sorry for the delayed response. I do appreciate all the kind wishes everyone. Been locked out of the GDP for who knows how long and only managed (with admin assistance) been able to get back in. Hope you are all able to stay healthy and safe during these crazy times.

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