Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday Mike2000!


Have a great birthday, Mike!


Happy Birthday, Mike! Someone should get you a nice hand-built Telecaster for your special day. Oh, wait a minute...

Here's a trout for you. Have a great day!


Happiest Birthday, Mike!

Enjoy your time and stay away from breathing in wood dust and stain fumes for a few hours.


Mike2000 wasn't born. He was built from a kit.

And, Mike2000 has a perfect operational record...

Happy Birthday Mike!


Happy Birthday again, Mike!


From our west coast, have a terrific birthday Mike!


Happy Birth’em Day, Sir.


It seems that I am already late to the game. But still, I wish you all the best and hope that you have enjoyed your special day. Cheers!


Happy birthday, Mike, many happy returns, you have fantastic day!


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday mike


Wow, thank you all!

Since a couple of years I don't really celebrate big anymore and this year was no exception. My girlfriend did surprise me with a home cooked steak dinner and a Texels triple beer so that was really nice! I've been really busy doing yard work and other chores since we've recently decided to sell our house. This will also be eating away my time from building my tele but hopefully I can squeeze in some lacquering time. On the other hand, when we move it will be to a house where there will be more guitar-building and playing space!

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