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Happy Birthday Metman!!


Have yourself a Happy Birthday, Metman! Enjoy and be good to yourself.


Happy Birthday,MM!

Maybe we can see each other at the guitar show in a couple weeks?


Have a fantastic Birthday!


Have a great birthday, MM!


Rock your day, Matt. My son's birthday (also a Matt) is today, too.


Happy Birthday!

You share the day with Teddy Roosevelt, so speak softly and carry a big stick.


Happy birthday metman, many happy returns! I hope you have a great day.


Beep beep, beep beep. Those are happy birddogs chasing your tahny leetle car. Don't let'em catch you!


Happy Birthday Metman!


Hey now! Look whose having a birthday!

I hope that your big day is a great one!


From a wet coast, have a terrific Birthday Metman!


Happy Birthday, Metman!


Happy Birthday!


Best of birthdays to ya Matt!


Thanks everyone! It was a great day. Mrs Metman and I are currently in Nashville. We hung out around the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall for their free day of music. Got to tour the Ryman and ducked in and out of a few places on Broadway as well. Saw a killer player on a Tele B-Bender at Roberts.
We had visited friends in Memphis a couple days prior to see some sites, and made our way to Graceland. The Marty Stuart "Hillbilly Rock " exhibit at Graceland was awesome! Just incredible to see Scotty Moore's ES-295 and James Burton's Paisley Tele. I'm sure this group understands how moving it is to see both of those guitars. Also swung by Sun Studio and toured the Stax Museum.
Finally got some sun shining so we're heading to Jack Daniels today.. Thanks again!


Hey All, just had to add an update.. My 'birthday getaway' to Memphis and Nashville couldn't have ended on a higher note. At the Nashville airport going through TSA pre-check yesterday, I look to my right and it's Dale Watson! I said hello and we met up on the other side of screening. What a super nice guy! He spent a whole bunch of time just chatting with my wife and me. Of course, stupid me forgot to get a picture with him. Doh! Anyway, it was super cool to meet him and what a great way to end my trip. Just thought I'd share.

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