Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday Kevin Frye!


Have a super birthday, Kevin!


Hey, from just across the Strait, have a terrific Birthday Kevin! Continue to enjoy our fine weather!


Happy Birthday Kevin! Hope you have a pickin' n grinnin' day!


Rocky your day, Kevin.


Happy birthday Kevin, many happy returns, I hope you have fantastic day!


Happy Birthday Kevin!


Yo Keven! So you say it's your birthday? Hope you're gonna have a party party. Enjoy.


Wow... thanx, everyone. Spent a quiet 65th (65? How did that happen, anyway?), more so because I am still in recovery mode from a week in the ER dealing with what the doctors called a "COPD Flare" (up). Basically, my lungs decided to take a vacation from passing oxygen on to my bloodstream. Not really a good thing, but medical science has mended things up once again and I'm much better now than I was.

So we went to lunch with friends, then spent the afternoon visiting my mom, who sadly won't really remember it by morning, though she did enjoy herself at the time, and finally dinner for two in a quiet place not far from home.

Tomorrow, Karen's family wants to have us over for some sort of shindig and then that will be that.

On to 70!

Once again, thanks for the wishes!


I'm glad you had a good say Kevin and best of happiness and health going forward. Happy birthday!!!


Happy Birthday, Kevin.

Hope it was a good one.

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