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Happy Birthday General_Lee!


Have a great birthday, General!


OK General, today is the day you pickup a new Duo Jet and Martin D-28. Have a great birthday and report back with your musical creations on your justified b-day gifts.....Happy birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday General. All good wishes from the UK. Have yourself a great day.


From due west of you, have a terrific Birthday General!


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday, General Lee, many happy returns, I hope you have fantastic day!


HB, GeeLee. It's good to see you 'round the ranch again!


happy b-day gen. lee

have a great one



Dear General, We're so very glad you're back on the Ranch, as Protie said, that we need to have a real Party, Party, and CAKE!! Happy Birthday, Olivia Anne

(Have at least one Aw Nuts; then two; then three; then four (different photos). So, this may not work. And, now, I will just post the message and no snappy photo)


A Very Happy Cake Day to you, General L!! Sorry about being late to the party.


Happy 100th G.L. !!!!:)

– TheNocturneBrain

Close...too damn close!

Thanks everyone. It's heartwarming to see so many old GDP friends still remember something of my former glory days here on the ranch. I'm still restricted to an hour or so every other day but it's been fun following the going's on here again. So many good, good people to keep musical tabs on. Salute everyone!

BTW NJDevil, just let me know where I can pick up that new Jet and the D28 and I'll be right over to get my presents...

Olivia Anne...I await those photos with bated breath.

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