Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday Farmerbrown!


Have a great birthday, FB!


Have a Great Birthday, Farmer Brown!


The Equinoxes and Solstices aren't just for helping us determine when to plant our crops anymore, they help us locate our Birthdays as well!

Here's yours now!

Happy Birthday!


Have a great Happy Birthday! Thanks for growing our food.


Happiest of birthdays is wished for you today, Farmer Brown. Thanks for putting food on all of our tables. However, we probably should be thanking that young gal of yours for making sure that her grandpa gets out and gets the harvest in each year.


You’re one of our heroes, Farmer Brown! Happiest of birthdays to you.


Happy birddogs, good for yield...
Helping fertilize your fields.


From north and west of you, have a great Birthday with your family, 'specially your "supervisor!"


Happy Birthday Farmer Brown! I always enjoy looking at the farm pictures you post. I keep looking for the guitar stand inside the tractor!


Happy Birthday, Farmer Brown! Here's hoping you've enjoyed a wonderful day!


Thanks everyone for the good wishes, it was a nice day and I got to go to supper at Olive Garden with my son, daughter and grand daughter Miss Violet, wifey was having stomach troubles and didn't get to go...

Hopefully I get to combine beans tomorrow, still have 450 acres left, it has been the fall from Hell as we can't get a good run of days in the field as it seems to rain twice per week. Just part of being a farmer...


Happy birthday Mr. Brown

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