Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday F107plus5!


Hmmm...any cake left? Hope you had a good one plus 5!


Had a great B'day, guys, thanx!

Yup, still some cake left! Long story!

My Wife asked if maybe I'd like Carrot Cake this year and I said Yeah.

So the son-in-law and grand kids run out and find........empty shelves.

They did have small near individual size cakes individually wrapped.

They geometrically arranged them on a tray with 48 candles.

They tried to get 76 candles but the best they could do was 72. Oh well.

Just as well, 76 woulda lit the house on fire!

EDIT: Nope, no cake left. (burp)

Still some cookies and cream ice cream left.

.....not for long!

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