Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday F107plus5!


Have a super birthday, F!


Have a very happy birthday!


Many Happy Returns, F107Plus5!


Happy b-day, F107Plus5

(wouldn't "F112" be easier to remember?)


Chiming in with my happy birddogs as well. It's good to have you on the GDP, F107. I appreciate your perspective and admire your courage.


Happy birthday. Hope it was just grand!




From the west coast of Canada, have a terrific birthday!


Thanx Folks!

Had a great day today sitting around NOT taking the Hurricane Shutters down quite yet, and even made a few fun rambling disjointed posts here on the GDP!

....I'll take the shutters down tomorrow, this is MY day!

Trying to figure out how on Earth I went from 40 years old to nearly three quarters of a Century so darn fast! Then the Wife reminded me we'll be married 50 years here in November!!!

And geoguy, the F107 is the grown up version of the jet in my avatar, used in the standard cruise. The F112 developed from the F107 designed for the Super Cruise! Spent a lotta time buzzing around area 51 as super cruise and a coupla different X-aircraft as well. Fun stuff! When I joined here, the F112 program was still black! ......shhhhh.

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