Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday Deke Martin!


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday Sir Deke!


Thanks again guys, it's much appreciated.

BBQ was a big hit and the weather was sublime, so all in all a very good day


Happy birthday, Deke, many happy returns, I hope have a fantastic day!


Good to hear everthing went well even the weather behaved itself.

It was a lovely warm sunny evening with us but my daughter who lives 2 miles away in the village in the next valley had torrential rain. She had heavy rain again this morning whilst I was outside in the sunshine.

We seem to have missed the violent thunder storms although we could hear the thunder and see the lightening in the distance over Sheffield.

hope it is still ok in your part of the country. make the birthday celebrations last at least over the weekend.


Happy Birthday, Deke!


Happy Happy Birthday, Deke. Hope it was grand.
All the best, Olivia Anne

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