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Happy birthday, DC Birdman


Happy Birthday, Robert! Your threads are some of the most amusing ones that we have on the site. Keep it up.


Happy Birthday DC!


Have a very Happy Birthday!


Have a great birthday, DC!


From the other side of the country and a bit north, have a terrific Birthday, Rob!


Happy Birthday Bob. Hope it’s a righteous one!


Happy birthday Birdman! Many happy returns!


Have a terrific Birthday!


Thanks everyone.

I'm a 9/11 arrival long ago and I guess one of the olde guarde around here. Learned a lot about lots of things! And you all have put up with my various must-haves and demented projects, all usually up for sale a month later.

Some of the madness has slowed down as the years pass. Finding Gresch in 2001, actually right after 9/11 blasted me out of years of Telecaster shackles and chains. It was time for a change and I never looked back The guy who bought my 1957 Esquire later offered it back when he needed some cash but I passed on it. So it's been straight ahead ever since,

Right now the birthday present that didn't arrive is one of these with the righteous 1 3/4" wide neck. The day will come.



Is your Princess as white as the one in that photograph? Or has it yellowed with age?


Happy Birthday!


My Goodness, the Virgos are everywhere this month! Happy Birthday!


Is your Princess as white as the one in that photograph? Or has it yellowed with age?

– Ric12string

I am just looking for one ... don't own one yet. A Twist with the 1 3/4" nut also ok but not @ $2K or whatever we see them for. Setzer has one that has yellowed a lot. but for my Vette scene, it's gott be 3/3, 1 p/u, no trem, 1 3/4" nut. So really just '62 thru early '64 when they got away from 3/3. I can wait it out.


Happy birthday DC and hope you had a great day! I'm dreamin' of the 1.75' nut width also.

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