Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday Dave_K !


Have a super birthday, Dave!


Here's to a mighty fine fellow and gentleman. Happy Birthday, Dave!


Happy birthday Dave Keep the music live!!


Happy Birthday Dave! Here's hoping it's a good one.


Happy Birthday Dave. Thank you for all the kindness you have shown to me over the years.

Stay safe and hope to catch up again soon.


Happy birthday, Dave, many happy returns, I hope you have fantastic day!


Happy Birthday, Dave!

I hope you are enjoying it as much as possible nowadays.


Happy Birthday, Dave!


Late to the party...hope there’s some cake left. Happy Birthday. Dave, I hope you had a lovely day.


Thank you all so much for your good wishes -- really appreciated.

Under the circumstances (given the combination of my age, covid and what they call my 'underlying health issue', I'm virtually under house arrest over here) I had a rather good day. Amazon kept turning up at the door with parcels (nice things to eat, a Hall & Oates DVD, a couple of books and a splendidly silly game) and the guys in the band organised an online Zoom session. We have all promised to work on trying to remember the setlist! They are all great mates and (like the GDP) help to keep me more or less sane, with stories to tell about ways to pass the the time during this gigless period -- from rescuing injured birds and restoring an old Renault, to building a covered patio. One even has to continue going to work everyday. So let's see what 2021 brings -- to start with they can hurry up and jab me with some of that vaccine.

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