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Happy birthday Dave_K


Have a super birthday, Dave!


Rock your day, Dave!


Have a very Happy Birthday!


From One Dave to another, Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday Dave, many happy returns, I hope you have fantastic day!


Happy Birthday, Dave!

I hope it's your best ever!


Happiest of birthday wishes are sent your way today, Dave!

I truly value your contributions to the GDP which are often borne from your own experiences as a working musician during the era that so many of us enjoyed -- the British Invasion. I will forever be indebted to you for sharing with us the great British word, "waistcoat." I had never heard that term before and most likely will never hear it again, at least on this side of the pond.

The next time that I visit England, I will have to make sure that there is some time available to check in with you. I would enjoy some actual face time with you, mate!

Best of birthdays to you.


Happy Birthday Dave!


happy birthday Dave ! What is your birthday itinery?

Will you be driving a car into a swimming pool?

Trashing a hotel room?

getting stoned?

Or are you doing something different this year??

What ever you decide make it a good one!!!


Happy Birthday!


Thank you folks. I was taken out for a good lunch at a country pub, and then had an evening get together with the band (in another pub). Somehow we also managed to pick up five gigs for later in the year.

Our drummer presented me with something that will resonate with GDP Brit members of a certain age -- a copy of Bert Weedon's 'Play In A Day' instruction book! Are they trying to tell me something?


When youve worked your way through that you can borrow my Bert Weedon's 'Play Every Day' instruction book. Just let me know when your ready!


Ha, thanks Dave. I remember back around 1960 -- thinking Bert was a bit old hat -- my pal and I bought the Mickey Baker books. Oh weren't we a couple of cool 15-year-old dudes. Got to around page 6 and gave up! So it was back to Bert....!


Mickey Baker's books are pretty dense and hard to work through. I can understand why you quit at page 6. Be proud that you got that far.


How did I miss this? This was remiss of me.

Happy birthday, Dave. Rickybob said good stuff, so I'll sign his card.

(Except I'd heard of waistcoats. Waistcoat, Bob, waistcoat!)

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