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Happy birthday Dave_K


Have a super birthday, Dave!


Rock your day, Dave!


Happy Birthday, Dave!

I truly love your contributions to the pages, and always look forward to hearing more stories from back in the day.

Have a great birthday!


Have a great Birthday Dave.


Have a very Happy Birthday from this side of the Thames.


Happy b-day, Dave_K, from snowy New England!


Happy Birthday, Dave!

Thank you for your thoughts & ideas that you've shared here!


Happy Birthday, Dave!


Here's to one of the finest Gentlemen on the GDP. Happy Birthday, Dave!


Have a good one Dave ..

and now that your over 21 you can really let your hair down and rock on !!!

keep the live gigging going!


Happy Birthday to one of the GDP's finest gentlemen. I will be forever indebted to you for schooling me on the definition of a "waistcoat."

I hope that you have a splendid birthday today and that there are many more to follow this one. As others have suggested, I do hope that you continue to perform live music as you have a great history that you bring to it. Happy Birthday, mate.


Happy Birthday, Dave. Hope it is wonderful.


happy b-day dave k

to the regiment!...



From western Canada, have a great Birthday, Dave!


Well thank you all for your good wishes and comments —very much appreciated. In fact I had a very good birthday (once we finished assembling the new ikea bed, but that's another story). Around a dozen or so friends and neighbours called round and we demolished some very fine fodder, including some remarkable cheeses.

"Now that your over 21 you can really let your hair down and rock on!!! Keep the live gigging going!"

davedee: Sometimes I really do find it difficult to accept that at age 73 I'm still regularly humping gear into the car and heading off to some pub, club or hall. If truth be told, it's as much a social thing as anything else — the other guys in the band are all good mates of mine and the ladies are a very fine bunch and all get on well, so why stop?

My 1964 diary, which somehow has survived through the decades, tells me that I did 170 gigs in that year. Jeez, trying to do that now would finish me off in no time. So far we have about 25 gigs in the book for this coming year. We'll probably take that up to around 30 — and that'll do nicely. In addition, our little 'lounge trio' (for want of a better term) will do an additional 20 or so gigs. It was the trio that meant 2017 ended 'not with a bang, but with a whimper', in the form of a nice easy sitting-down gig in a country pub just before Christmas. I used the 5622T (love those SuperHilos) and think I was wrestling with 'On The Street Where You Live' when this photo was taken.

So wherever you folks may be, here's to a happy 2018 for one and all.


Happy belated Birthday Dave!


Damn, missed it. Glad to hear you had a good one.

Where was that pic taken, was that The Green Man?


Deke: Yep -- right by the door! Great roast spuds on the bar, though!

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