Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy birthday Buffalosix


Here's hoping you have a great day.

Haven't seen you around here in a while. Hope everything is good.


Have a super birthday, B6!


Happy Birthday, B6! Hope that you are having a fun day.


Happy birthday B6! I hope everything is well and you are having a great day.


Thanks all for the kind comments... Things are well, been a busy muldoon. Took up motorcycling this summer and it has become quite the time-suck. Yet its become quite the healthy habit as well - wind therapy is a very good thing. Its taken time away from my playing, but I'm hoping that the exhilaration I enjoy from it might eventually translate into more overall motivation, including for my playing. And I do need some motivation in that department.


Great to hear from you B6.

I always found bike riding to be good therapy. Enjoy it all.

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