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Happy Birthday BuddyHollywood!


Have a great birthday, Buddy!


Have a very happy birthday!


Happy birthday, BuddyHollywood, many happy returns, I hope you have fantastic day!


Happy Birthday Bud ! Hopefully we will see each other soon at the next Jam Session.


Happy Birthday, have a good one! Cheers!


Happy Birthday Buddy. You're a real cool dude and I always enjoy your posts.


Happy birddogs, Buddy. Always a pleasure.


Heyo! Thank you all!

My birthday this year was a family affair. I worked a 10 hour day but it's OK because I'm working from home anyway. It's one of the silver lining blessings of this whole quarantine shenanigans. I asked for a Johnnie's Supreme pizza from our best local pizzeria for dinner. I love it and I also wanted my wife to take it easy (I didn't tell her that though). Ceasar salad and hot wings came along with it. After dinner we pulled out our 2009 Wii Sports Resort and had a bowling tournament. My wife and I are usually neck and neck but I won yesterday. I accused her of letting me win and she didn't deny it. Hmmm... Wii has been one of those kind of dormant gaming systems that has gotten new life over this last year. My 3 favorite games on Wii Sports Resort are golf, bowling and archery. I did strap on an unplugged electric guitar for a few minutes too. We ended the night with an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. My daughter got interested in Star Trek (yeah!) through Voyager and now is curious about all of them. So far she has seen all of the Voyager episodes and all of the Enterprise episodes. We just started Deep Space Nine and watched episode 4 of season 1, the first episode featuring Garek who is one of my favorite characters. She is going through The Next Generation and every once in a while I'll find a golden episode from the original Star Trek and make her watch.

It was a fun day spent with the people I will miss greatly when they grow up and have their own families. I know I will be thankful for these memories.


I missed this one but glad you had a great day Buddy.....very cool. Happy belated!

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