Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday Blutonium


Happy Birthday, Blutonium! I hope that you have a tremendous day.

P.S. We have to get you out to a Roundup again sometime soon.


Happy Birthday Blutonium!


Have a super birthday, Bluto!


Happy Birthday Blu. Hope it's been a great one.


Thanks for the well-wishes, you well-wishers you! Been away from home for the last couple of weeks taking care of my Dad. He just had some surgery. Been doing the cooking etc. I'm lucky enough that I work from home, so I was able to move my junk to his house so I can look after him. I get to go home and spend a day with my wife this Saturday, so we're going to celebrate then.


Happy birthday Blutonium and hope you have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday, Blu. Hope it was swell


You are a good son to care for your dad like that. Good on ya.

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