Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday ade!


Thank you all for the lovely Birthday wishes, so kind and thoughtful. And that picture Deed, I'm amazed and delighted you kept it and have posted it. It's the first I've seen it, what a fantastic memory to meet you both at a gig. What's a gig again?

I spent the day enjoying a birthday cd by 70s band Starry Eyed & Laughing, an expanded set of their two studio albums. If you like 12 strings, Tony Poole takes the Byrds template into a scintillating dimension. And they don't just Rutle it either-

I relaxed after some 12 string mangling by watching an old episode of Armchair Theatre. This one had Patrick McGoohan playing a Russian Cosmonaut whose ship malfunctions. Fabulous.

A really nice birthday. The strange pandemic atmosphere certainly sharpens the senses to appreciate all the joys that we can find. Thanks everybody for bringing some to me today.


Sorry I'm late. Hope your birthday was great.


Happy belated birthday, ade, many happy returns, I hope you had a fantastic day!


Happy birthday ade! Thank you for your Eddie Cochran thread, what an amazing job!


A belated happy birthday to you, sir!

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