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Halftime show…


...and in the current state of extremism...


I thought choreography and spandex is what American Football is all about?


Well...they made Adam Levine look like some yahoo jumping around trying to find a shirt...OH, WAIT.....ADAM did that himself!

PS - The best halftime show was Lady Gaga...and, I don't even care much for Lady Gaga.

– Toddfan

Prince---"Purple Rain" was sheer genius.


Prince was a show. I mean a phenomenal show I the rain, and those twins were wild, could dance and actually were not vulgar.

Sorry, but these two were Hispanic soccer moms that should retire the outfits an crotch grabbing. They can't fit into the former and teasing is hardly teasing when it's basically brutal and out there for the world to see. Let's just say I prefer roads a bit less traveled. But advertising the freeway? In front of children, no less. And this is lauded?

I saw it on YouTube and it was sad. Really. Weren't we just in the middle of the 'me too' movement?

The funny thing is I took my daughter to the playground and there were two local, soccer mom types doing pole-dance routines there in front of their daughters. My daughter asked what they were doing. I was trying to come up with something witty but tame about pole dancers in Poland when another mom (dressed to kill on the playground, and hardly looking the saint) said to my daughter: 'Don't worry about them honey. That's just slut practice.'

Uh yeah. I agreed, actually, but...

Try explaining that comment to a child.

What can you do. I guess it's true though--if you can keep your daughter off the pole, you've accomplished something.



So.... is it or is it not OK to objectify women? Society sure seems to be sending out HIGHLY mixed messages on the issue.....

Lemme guess.... it's ok to objectify a woman if she wants to be objectified? LOL

People really need to make up their minds.

I can't comment on the music/artistry, because I didn't really hear/see any.


apparently self-objectification is some odd sort of liberation, i guess because the woman is making bank off of it. seems counter-productive to me, but i'm a total dinosaur.


Just another reason to not watch the stupor bowl. I haven't seen one since '86, and even that one was by accident.

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