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Halftime show…


Well here we go again.... another halftime show in the books. A Cuban flavored booty fest.... that’s about all I can say.


We're you expecting more?


We're you expecting more?

– crowbone

I didn’t know who was going to perform. So I was a little surprised..... Shakera and Jennifer Lopez, not much expectations from them, but it was what it was. I guess I’m always hoping for “the greatest halftime show” of all time. I think that time has passed. There was the hope of a wardrobe malfunction.


There was very little wardrobe to malfunction. But I’m okay with that. Was there music?


If you can call it that.


They are both talented ladies. I don't know why Latino females feel like they need a Spanish rapper to help them through their music. I liked it as well as last years show. Well, maybe a little more.


Someone wrote a review that basically expressed the opinion at least it wasn't a rock band performing. That's sad, IMHO.


It’s not a fine line that separates music and entertainment.


at least it wasn't a rock band performing. That's sad

Oh, I don't know. Inevitable, I would say. We cavemen no longer represent the Big Bell Curve of the demographics for these things. It's been a bubble. Or, say, a particularly fat meal the snake of time has finally digested - and it took a lot longer than might have been expected. Most forms of popular music don't get 40 years dead-center.

If we take it in the spirit of Roman spectacle, expectations will be more in line with the actual experience.

Also, I love it when football fans come to gigs expecting great football between sets...


I asked my girlfriend to dress up like Shakira and play my Firebird.


All that I know was that the young one had extremely fluid moves.

I sure didn't listen to the music. Lol


Wait... there was a football game on Sunday?

I didn't even bother. Haven't watched a Super Bowl in 3 years.


My friends with TVs in the '70's used to watch Charlie's Angels with the sound off and the stereo up.


Ha! That's how I watch Kylie Minogue clips.

I didn't watch the Superbowl but saw the halftime show on Youtube after seeing what you guys wrote. I'm not that old but why does it seem that female singers have to be strippers these days? Why can't they, you know, sing? I enjoyed Shakira's wobblage as much as the next guy but J-lo's costume was just ridiculous. I felt embarrassed for her. I feel that if she thinks she has to wear that to perform in then her singing's not good enough.


Those shorts were so tight it appears they were all smuggling yo-yos.

I love hot chicks grinding, but in private.

As for the half-time show, the show itself was lame.

It would appear the days of "bands/musicians" playing might be over.



What, didn't you guys see the horn players playing behind her?


I didn't watch any of it, I watched the Netflix special about Aaron Hernandez (coincidentally, actually) which actually ended up being an anti-superbowl move.


Also, I love it when football fans come to gigs expecting great football between sets...



Well...they made Adam Levine look like some yahoo jumping around trying to find a shirt...OH, WAIT.....ADAM did that himself!

PS - The best halftime show was Lady Gaga...and, I don't even care much for Lady Gaga.


It brings up a series of questions: When did live music become unpopular? If I look back I can recognize a trend toward “dance” becoming a focus in live shows.
Seems contemporary music appreciators don’t really care for “watching” a live band? Is it an attention span thing? I think it might be.

Look at the rise of the internet, and the decline of people’s attention span. We can’t be bothered to watch people play music, how smurfing boring is that? We have to be “entertained” with constant changing visual stimulation. The music itself has become just a boring “drone,” a backdrop for skimpy costumes and peck-a-boo crotch shots. Big butts! I cannot lie. I like em. Shake that booty! Hell even women entertainers grab their crotch? Not sure what that is all about? It’s like life has become one big strip show? That’s what we want, and think of the money we save on dollar bills?

I just don’t get it? I guess the consumer has become a brain dead, crotch grabbing sexual zombie. And yes, get off my lawn!


Errrr....the cheerleaders on every NFL team literally do this sort of thing in this sort of outfit every weekend and have for years. I am really at a loss to understand the collective pearl clutching over this.

Unless it's really about something else.


please. the Super Bowl halftime shows have been totally canned for ages now, including most of the "rock" performances.

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