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Haight Ashbury Music to Close


I can't believe this. When I lived in the City, this was always a stop as you never knew what you'd find and who you'd see. A friend got his 5420 Electro there a couple years ago and I'd gotten gear and GAS from their great selection of stuff.


honestly, i'm surprised they made it this long. it didn't seem like they did that much business back in the 90s. still a shame, though.


I stopped in there back in January...during Winter NAMM.


It may be a tough time for music retail.


Expensive real estate. Acme Music in Oakland is still chugging along.


Musicians can't afford to live in San Francisco anymore. And traffic and parking have become way too daunting for most folks to venture into the City from the greater Bay Area for accessories and such like.


That's too bad. I used to go in their quite a bit, but everything was listed at MSRP. I always tried to buy at least something, though it was usually small like strings or picks.


Another sad sign of the times. Made in there once in the early 2000's.

Another [very] small but incredibly eclectic store that closed years ago now was the Carmel Music Company. It had an incredible collection of fabulous vintage instruments.


I visited in summer 2017 and enjoyed a good look around. A sad and all too familiar story.

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