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Had to put our dog Jack down this morning


We had to put our dog Jack down this morning. Any pet owner/lover knows how tough it is to do, because they are part of the family. I've been lucky enough during my short 57 years to have had a few really good dogs. Jack was in a different league. Jack was so intelligent and had a huge vocabulary. I'd swear that when we were spelling certain words (mostly pertaining to food) so that he wouldn't know what were were talking about, he could actually spell. Jack was almost always smiling and it was infectious. He did not have a bit of malice in his body. He was truly a good soul. I sometimes called him Saint Jack. Anyone and everyone who met him immediately liked him. We took Jack home yesterday from a critical care hospital so that he'd have his last full day at home, surrounded by those who loved him. It took a while to get out of the hospital because the staff became so attached to him in just two days. I know that when I first met Joyce, she fell in love with Jack. Luckily I was part of the package and human, so she married me. During the years I lived in Tolland, there would be times when I'd have Jack outside while I was involved in yard work or another project. Jack would get interested in the different smells that are the information stream for dogs and start to explore. Over time, he eventually developed a route. Along Jack's route, were chickens that one of my neighbors used to keep for the eggs. Jack would stop and play with the chickens. The neighbor didn't mind, because Jack was so gentle. On one occasion when I hadn't been home, one of the kids let him out and for some reason never tracked him down. When I returned home to no Jack, I started to get ready to go look for him, but a neighbor showed up with Jack. When I inquired where he found Jack, he replied that he found Jack inside his house playing with his own children who though he was so cool, so they let him in. Unfortunately the skunk Jack met near our patio a couple years ago. wasn't too thrilled with him So Jack spent his last day surrounded by those he loved and who loved him. Tim and his fiancee Alise were here, Julianne was here and Joyce was here. My stepson Eric had to FaceTime in as he was away with his dad. We spoiled him with all sorts of food, including chocolate - which dogs shouldn't eat. Jack loved chocolate and would steal it whenever he could. Everyone got to spend time with our Saint Jack and say goodbye. This morning was tough. Jack was in great spirits, smiling and wagging his tail. I made him scrambled eggs and chased it with chocolate. Jack ate two ice cream cups at the vet's just before it was final goodbye time. He passed peacefully with me hugging him at about 10:00.


Sorry to read this having just done the same late April with our Bichon...

"Solo" needed Peace and thankfully we can give it. Same with "Jack".


Blessings to man's best friends. They truly are!



It is the only time your Jack or in my case Boris will ever break your heart. I totally understand this, it just plain hurts.


That's a tough job. I was left holding little Toto's body, wet in the eyes and thinking "well, this sucks."

I like dogs. Sometimes I love dogs. Almost every one is good people. But I don't have the temperament to give dogs the time they want and need, so my constant mantra when spouse or children go there is "no dogs." Of course I've been overruled several times. When the dogs are a bad fit, I can never be the one who finally decides they need to find a new home. When they're a good fit, somehow I'm always there at the end - watching one get hit by a car, taking Toto on his final ride.

But Toto was the Best Dog Ever, like Jack. (And like my son's Penny.) I get it. They're better people than we are. Truly we have to work to live up to the standards good dogs set - to be as good as they think we are.

So, man, I'm sorry you had to do this. Sometimes it's just time, but that doesn't make it easier. It does sound like Jack was as universally loved as a soul can be, and returned that love many times over. He was a generator. It's easy to see he made life better for everyone whose life he touched. I'm even glad to have met him through your eulogy here. And it sounds like he couldn't possibly have had a better last day, spending it in dog paradise before he even left: all his favorite foods and favorite people. I'm told when they go, they truly just go to sleep. You should take what comfort you can from those thoughts.

I've seen theologians seriously address the question "do animals go to heaven." Dogs like Jack make me wonder if people do.


My condolences, friend. Jack seemed like good people. I think we can say that about our dogs because they give us so much that some people can't even give.


Sad news. I'm glad you were there with him at the end for his sake. It hurts like hell, but that's what you do for family. I lost my best friend a year ago, and it still hurts. The only bad day with a dog is when they leave.


I'm sorry Zig, not easy, heartbreaking.


Very sorry for the loss of a family member, Greg.


Sorry to hear about Jack,condolences sir.


Zigracer, I'm really sorry for your loss. I've had dogs pass away and found it hard to deal with.



So sorry for your loss, Greg!


So sorry for your loss. I have tears in my eyes from reading your post. Jack sounds a lot like Seamus, my Golden Retriever that I held for his last breath four years ago. I still cry over him.

Treasure his memory, and consider honoring him by adopting another dog in need of a loving home when the time is right.


So sorry for the loss of your beloved Jack. I had a tough time reading your tribute, getting pretty choked up. We too have a furry family member and I just can't imagine life without her. Here's hoping your many wonderful memories of Jack bring you at least some consolation.


My condolences Zig, I've had to do this a couple of times myself. It's a difficult thing to do, and I'm sorry you had to go through it.


So sorry. A very sad read. And a hard decision to make. My condolences to you and your family


Thanks to all of you for your kind words. It really does help. We have another dog - Jersey, that I got for Joyce two years ago after she lost her dog Keepers. We had to put Keepers down as well because of cancer. Jersey is definitely out of sorts because Jack isn't here.

I got Jersey as a puppy and Jack came out of retirement to patiently show her the ropes. And patient he was. Jersey is now two but was wrestling with Jack until just last week. Jack raised three human children and a puppy. That's awesome.

I've always been a one dog man, but second marriages sometimes bring a Brady Bunch dog family together too. Thank you again, all!


Condolences. Take solace in knowing that you did the right thing. He is no longer suffering. Been there and know how rough it can be.


Jack has gone Where the Good Dogs Go.


So sorry to hear this. I cried like a baby when my dog Baci was put down. She had cancer and I couldn't bear to see her suffer. It's a really hard decision to make but it's what is best for your dog. Jack will forever live in your hearts.


Thanks to all of you again! Although he was slowing down, Jack seemed fine until about two weeks ago, when he started limping with the left front leg. We thought it was just one of the many strains he gets from wrestling with Jersey. We took a quick trip to San Diego for a wedding and Jack didn't seem any better when we got back, so I took him to the vet. I pointed out an area of swelling. The vet examined and said it was a mass, probably cancerous. A needle biopsy showed some cancer cells, but what was worse, was that Jack continued to bleed from the needle. He was also bleeding internally. We were already watching a mass on his spleen. The internal bleeding didn't stop and I brought him back on Friday. We were sent to a critical care center where he stayed until yesterday. The poor guy needed two full transfusions as his red cell count kept going low for a couple of reasons, not the least of which was the internal bleeding. Thankfully the were able to get him stable enough for a full last day at home.


Bless Jack's kind and good doggie heart, he spread lots of love to you and your family and to us here at the GDP, who are crying with you.



When I was a kid, my dog, whose name was Pal, really was my pal. Sorry for your family's loss. We carry the loss of those close to us, including our animal friends. Sounds like he had a great life. My condolences.


i'm terribly sorry to read this. it's always awful when our critter friends pass on, but when a companion animal is as exceptional as Jack it's particularly terrible. i've been through this with cats, who i still miss to this day. as others have said, at least he got to have as good a last day as possible, and knew he had your love right up to the end. our lost pets are with him now, just across the Rainbow Bridge. rest easy, Jack...you were always the Good Boy.

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