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Had my rotator cuff surgery yesterday morning .


The nerve block wore off at 8 last night, and I didn't take pain meds quickly enough, so I had a rough night!


I hear that's a painful recouping period.

Here's hoping it's over quickly, FB.


Best of luck in your recovery Farmer. Nothing wrong with pain meds after a surgery like that, so try and stay ahead of the pain.

When I had my knees replaced, my doc told me to enjoy the pain med trip as it helps in working harder during PT.

He was right and all ended up well, and the few new orbits weren't bad either. Lol

Best to you.


My co-worker is having his 2nd knee replacement. The first one was 2 months ago, and went well. I hope this one goes as well as the first one. He should be good as new.

Wishing you a quick recovery. I know that's a painful one.


As JD mentioned, you want to stay ahead of the pain. Take your pain medication like clock work and you should be able to make it through this process and soon find yourself in rehab getting back to being just like new.

Good luck on your recovery.


Wishing you a speedy recovery! Tough one for sure


Glad to see you weren't in too much pain to do Denny's!

I recognize that bold, defiant look, though - the look of a man who intends to shrug off the pain they've told him is coming. That's the way you have to start.

I don't tolerate most powerful pain meds well - they screw with my brainwaves or something - so I always minimize what's prescribed and try to stop as soon as possible. If they work for you, though, with no ill effects, definitely stay ahead of it by taking them on schedule. I know I've got it right when I hurt a little more than I'd like, all the time, without being completely incapacitated - but can tell I'm gradually improving.

The gradual improvement always comes, though. The first few days, no surprise, are worst. I have no doubt you'll hang tough and come through better than new.

Watch out for physical therapists, though. They only go into that profession because it's the only way they can get paid for sadism.


Sorry to hear of the pain due to late taking of meds, Don. Do 'em on time and you'll have an easier recovery. Best time of the year to have to be laid up though.


Glad the surgery went well, Don. Now comes the hard part. My orthopedist says that shoulder surgeries are the worst. He says that knees are 1A rather than #2 but not quite as bad. I almost had to have shoulder surgery a few years back due to a permanent Grade 4 separation but it stopped hurting and so I deal with a floating clavicle. Occasionally it will stick up above the shoulder and gross people out but it really causes no other problems.

Like everyone says stay ahead of the pain. Better living through chemistry. I don't think people get hooked on meds by taking them as directed so follow your physician's advice. Don't take too many but don't try to skimp either. I did once after my first replacement and my doc told me, "Don, I prescribe the drugs for a reason."

Hang in there. As it says in the Bible, "It came to pass..." It doesn't say, "It came to stay." It will get better.


I'm in the same boat as Proteus, if I use 'em my brain stays fogged for two days. Plus that daily function I normally can set my clock by gets a three day whack. I recently was in the hospital in bad pain and suffered till I got out, then had a toke and all was good again. I wish you a speedy recovery,best of luck!


Good to hear that you’re on the mend. Follow doctor’s orders.


Glad to know your procedure went well, farmerbrown.

Shoulder pain is one of those thing you don't really anticipate but when it arrives....... OUCH! I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder about 6 weeks ago and it still hurts. And that is nothing compared to what you're dealing with.

I agree with those who suggest you stay ahead of pain by taking your meds -- as long as you don't experience negative side effects.

Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery!


Glad your surgery went well. I have had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. My last surgery was 2 years ago. Reattached my right rotator cuff as well as the bicep tendon I tore off 4 days before my scheduled rotator cuff surgery date. My first surgery to reattach my left rotator cuff surgery was standard anaesthetic my second surgery was the nerve block like you had. I didn't like it. I couldn't feel anything from my shoulder down to my fingers. It was like the whole arm wasn't there, couldn't even move my fingers. Very weird and freaky feeling and it took about 10 hours to finally wear off. Luckily my surgeon told me not to wait and to start taking the pain meds right away. Looks like you have a good arm sling. If you have the Kodiak circulating ice water system use it. Helps with pain and reducing inflammation. I did the full physiotherapy treatment which included the electric muscle stimulation using a TENS. Recommend you do the same. Both my surgeries have been a great success, I hope you have the same results. I see you had your right shoulder done. I hope you are left handed. If not you will have to learn to do things with your left hand. My wife was a big help but she put her foot down when I asked if she would wipe my butt (I was joking, LOL!)


Best wishes for your speedy and successful recovery Farmerbrown. These are remarkably painful procedures, please stay on top of the pain.


glad to hear that the surgery went well, Don. hope you get well soon.


Speedy recovery, FB! I was warned about what happened to you, that you need to overlap the pain killers with the block wearing off, when I had hand surgery a month ago. I made sure I took it a few hours after the surgery and it worked out.

Be well and take care of that shoulder! Guess you have some physical therapy coming as well.


All the best in the recovery sir!


All the best mate


The pain has been better, I see the doc on Friday.


Get well quickly, Farmerbrown!


Wishing you a speedy recovery!


How's the recovery coming along, Sir?

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