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Guitars you almost bought and regret not buying…


I have four I should have bought:

1) an excellent white falcon (with a space control bridge!)

2) an absolutely sweet, blue Bonnie Raitt strat

3) an RHH in nyc that was maybe the greatest 6120 ever made

4) a Gibson J45 that had low action and rang for days

And I never should have sold my telesonic.



My brother’s 1962 Strat. In 1968, he sold it to a friend for 150 bucks.


I've eaten my heart out over a few missed deals, but ultimately found what I was looking for, fortunately.

So far the only guitar I wish I had pulled the trigger on was a nice g6122t-1959, fitted with all nickel hardware and an upgraded Tru-arc bridge.

It was listed on Reverb earlier this year, and for a good price. I just didn't have the money for it then.

Not being a big fan of gold hardware anyway, I really liked the brightness contasted with the deep burgundy/walnut flame.


'56 Jaguar Tan Streamliner.

I had a 63 Double Anniversary at the time and didn't think I could justify getting a guitar I thought was too similar. What a fool. I didn't get to appreciate the beauty of Dyna's (or in this case one Dyna) till much later.

I'm over it now though.


7 years ago. 52 P bass. It had been refinned, and the pick up was getting ready to need a rewinding, but the neck was to die for. The price was steep, but in hindsight I should have gotten it.

Few years back. White Falcon Rancher 12 String. I was just starting to write, perform, and record my own solo music after years of playing bass for other people. I convinced myself that it was too nice of a guitar for me.

Now I own the Black Falcon Rancher 6 string, and the regular Orange Jumbo. My next purchase will be the 12. Shoulda just bought it. I've never run into another one in the wild, and I completely fell in love with it when I played it.


Circa '59 Rickenbacker 360F. It was only $197.00 back in 1980. (Model shown is a 335F.)


Long long ago: A 1952 Telecaster.... And it was one of the best guitars I have ever played.
I bought my 1960 6120 instead which happens to be a great guitar too but still I dream about the Tele regularly....


A month before I got married, a buddy offered me a great deal on his Rik 12 string. I was in college (paying my own way thru), newlywed, and hurting for cash. Had to turn it down.


I had the chance to buy a pre CBS Fender Stratocaster, with a scalloped fretboard, back in about 1989. It was available for $200, but I thought at the time it was mutilated. It had been given, as payment for back rent, to a friend of mine. In hindsight, it would have been a cool guitar to have. It could have been re-necked if couldn't bond with the scalloped fretboard, and I'd have had a nice (sort of) vintage Strat.


Back in 1990 there was a Rose Morris 1964 Rickenbacker 1997 with Accent vibro,the handle was missing and the machine heads were changed ,but it had it's original case. It was pretty cool,and the shop only wanted £250 ,they didn't know what they had,i could've bought it but i was unsure so passed,3 months later i ran in to a guy i'd met in the local guitar shop and he told me his son bought it for £350. A few years ago that very son was asking about the value over on Rickresouce forum and remembered me from said shop when he was there with his dad!

Another one was when i was buying my Rickenbacker 360/12V64,the shop also had an original 1964 360/12 with double binding ,the price,£1650 ! That guitar is over 20K now!

In 1992 there was 1963 Strat,refinished Fiesta red with bridge pickup replaced with a late 60's one,priced at £1250,i thought the 1977 Gretsch Super Chet they had in on consignment was cooler and bought that instead.This Strat was recently in the same shop for £6000.

Late 90's, 1965 Fender Jazzmaster refinished seafoam green with matching headstock,£900 .


My tales of woe follow the general theme here in that I often passed on very cool guitars because I was too picky. Back when I was a frantic buyer/flipper 10-20 years ago, I would let any minor imperfection get into my head.

The one I really regret was a '57 Jet Firebird. I pulled the trigger on it knowing it was kind of a basket case. When it arrived, I decided it was too much of a basket case and returned it. And it wasn't that it was that great of a deal either, but the interesting thing about it was that it had all gold hardware, including an armrest. I don't know if it was originally a custom order or subsequently modded, but it was all correct. In retrospect, I really wish I would have kept it and restored and refinished it in Cadillac green. Of course, this was before Curt was active, and back then I don't think I thought much of the possibilities a beater like this guitar might have had.


A friend from work (also a pretty well known musician who lived in Baltimore area at the time) who offered me his walnut 1970's Deluxe Telecaster for $300.00 in 1994, when I was getting back to playing guitar and looking to buy an electric.
I passed. Knucklehead.


Electromatic Bo Diddley, the rectangular bodied version. The original pups sounded great. Shame about the blonde neck and black binding....I thought it was meant to be like bo's?

Still want one, anyone selling?


1985, my first band. The guitarist was selling a ‘76 tele he bought new and had toured with and backed many notable artists with, including Tammy Wynette. I didn’t have the scratch, but my brother did.

He still has it and it still haunts me...


Too many to mention. It would overload the GDP server. Lol

Every so often I think about numerous ones, and that's my little time in hell moment, but it doesn't last long.


Curt’s resurrected 1962 green Country Club. I had just gotten back into playing and met Curt at an NJ roundup. He showed me the guitar when I dropped off my Tennessean for a neck reset. I was going to buy it, wimped out, but never stopped thinking about it. I thought about making an offer a few times over the next several years but something always got in the way. My guitar buying history included always mentally comparing the guitar In question (including the Club) to a 6122-1962 Gent and I realized that I would never be happy without one. I finally bought a Gent (limited edition green) and am content, but that Club always lingers in the back of my mind.

Also, an early Strat. I think 1954 but am not positive. By 1969 I had already quit playing when a coworker asked me if I wanted to buy his Strat for $275. Back then it was just a used guitar. He wanted to buy a Dan Armstrong. I said no but told a friend who bought it. Many years later I asked him if he still had it and he just laughed and said yes. I probably haven’t seen him in twenty years but would bet that he still has it. At least it went to someone who played it.


The “Dark Eyes” 6120 in 1992. It was at the TX guitar show , load in day. It was 4500 bucks. I got real close and looked it over. Walked around the show and thought about it.

came back and it was sold.

Most of you know the rest of it’s story.


In 1999, I almost bought a super clean ES-125. At the time its was $699.00, which even then was a good deal. I passed because I had just moved and was a bit cash poor.

No matter, I would have just had to sell it, if not during the Great Gear Purge of 2014, but at any time during the last 5 years of financial ups and downs. (Boo-hoo. . .)


All of my 'regret not buying's involve stocks. Something to do with 20/20 hindsight.


At a music store In Akron during the GDP’er Cleveland lost weekend, they had a J. Mascis Jazzmaster that practically played itself. I turned it down coz I’d just bought an ES-135 from the shop next door. But sometimes I still wonder what if.


Back in 2004 I walked into my "local" music store to buy some strings. The guy who ran it told me he had something that I needed to buy. He came out of the back room carrying a Gibson guitar case. He opened the case to reveal a brand new black Gibson L5. A rich guy had bought it and decided he would rather have a Les Paul custom instead. He traded the L5 back in for the Les Paul plus some extra money. This guy had more money than sense. The guy who ran the store told me he would sell the L5 to me for $1,000. I told him I didn't want a black guitar. I got home and researched L5s and realized the mistake I had made by not buying it. By the time I got back to the guy that tried to sell it to me someone else had bought it. That was one of the stupidest decisions I ever made in my life.


About 10 years ago there was a 1955 Gretsch Jet Firebird for $2000. It was in Cleveland and so was I. Being new to Gretsch, then, I hesitated to do some research and poof it was gone.


2 big ones..... A brand new green Duo Jet at Matt Umanov's for a killer deal at $1,800 Played it thru Mesa Boogie Lonestar but really bonded with that Jet. I walked out, wife happy but me not so much. I think it was in 2011.

Another one was a surprise....a used PRS of unkown model but a perfect neck. It played like a dream and amazingly loved the pickups. I'm usually not too crazy about PRS but this bland looking used thing was absolutely perfect. I remember it was in the summer of '16 at Rudy's Broome St. shop in NYC. Great price too and massive regret.


I was on the fence about a sonic blue Jag-Stang back when they were new. I so regret not getting that.


Oh brother, there are a boatload of guitar regrets:

1) Back in 1989, a Pre-War Gretsch Synchromatic 400 at Guitar Center in Hollywood in excellent condition for $2000.

2) Back in 1989, a Lotus Ivory and Copper Mist colored 1955 Country Club in mint condition for $2000

3) Back in 1989, a Stromberg Masterbuilt 400 cutaway with a monkey stick pickup for $12,500

4) Back in 1992, a Gibson L5 S in mint condition in a natural finish but I don't recall what the price was

5) Back in 1981, a 1962 Jet Firebird in mint condition for $600.

6) Back in 1981, a Rickenbacker 381 12 string in Fireglo in mint condition, but I don't recall the price.

7) Back in 1986, a 1955 Gretsch Roundup in mint condition for $1895

And the list goes on; I will think of more guitars as the tears roll down my cheeks....

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