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Guitar stuff I used to do


Anyone else find the tip of their tongue gets dry whilst playing guitar?

After I stop drooling, I get a complete case of Saharan Dry Mouth - but only when I'm really into it. Like, when I get real gone, man.

I've never done the cigarette tuck, but I've played with guys who did. Their twisting their heads to avoid the smoke, and blinking it out of their eyes - along with the cringing expression - became part of their guitar posture and persona.

My Tele has a burn near the bottom of the headstock from its original owners.

Honorable tradition.


I still do all the same stuff I used to do. Never wipe down anything. Half a dozen guitars leaned up against a wall (just ask Tom or Rich). My Tele has had the same strings for years and the PRS still has the strings it came with.

I should probably change the strings on the Tele. I think there’s something growing on them.


I can't imagine wiping down the strings after playing... How dirty are y'all's hands?!

Old strings sound better anyways


How about playing the guitar behind your head? Or with your teeth? Not at the same time of course


Ha--funny you mentioned that. I watched an SRV YouTube clip yesterday where he played maybe half of Voodoo Chile behind his back. Insane. I don't believe there will ever be his like again.



I used to be very obsessive about wiping the strings.Would keep a cloth hanging out of my back pocket when gigging or rehearsing and wipe the neck down after almost every song.I still wipe the neck down,but not so obsessively.Lemon oil on the fretboards once a year.

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