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Guitar Shipping


I need to ship a guitar that I sold on the 'Bay, but it has been years since the last one and things look much different. I see that you can get your label printed and charges withdrawn from your bank account. Sounds scary. Any advice? I have the packing part down.

I appreciate your wisdom on this.


I just use the address the buyer provides because sometimes they have moved and forget to update ebay. I check the ebay address and paypal addres and sometimes find they aren't the same.

And I just pay at the point of shipping the charges paid by the buyer, if that is the arrangement you have made. The less ebay is involved the better it is. And don't get me started on the organized crime ring that is Ebay Global Shipping....


Haven't sold any but I always request that any I buy be sent USPS Priority. When I bought "the Bear" from Bear he shipped it on Friday from Kentucky and I had it on Monday in Arizona.


the organized crime ring that is Ebay Global Shipping....>

Thanks for the tip.

I know we have a sluggish FedEx in these parts - your shipment will sit for days in our local shipping area before they deliver. As far as UPS, mostly good dealings, although I once received a guitar that had visible tire tracks across the box. Of course the neck was broken, and the driver was there when I opened it. We all had a chuckle (it was a cheapo).

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