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Guitar Pickin’ Thumb gone bad…


My right thumb must be going arthritic.

First noticed during the Winter.

Occasionally clicks when I bend it at the knuckle, sharp instantaneous pain, no warning.

Those occasions are getting more frequent.

My Mom had terrible arthritis in her hands, at a young age, too.

Corrective action soon to commence!

Good thing I don't bend it while playing my regular style...


Get yourself to a hand therapist. One who specializes in working with musicians if you can find one. The therapist will do wonders for you.


Turmeric tablets. Garlic pills. Glucosamine like for your knees.

You'll see a difference.



CBD oil? I’ve read it cures everything. About a hundred dispensaries in Reno.


CBD oil? I’ve read it cures everything. About a hundred dispensaries in Reno.

– Powdog

I agree. I use CBD cream on an arthritic shoulder and it has been very helpful.

I've had arthritis in my left thumb for about 8 years. When it started I went to an orthopedic hand specialist who recommended this: https://prnomegahealth.com/...

It has worked VERY well.


We have some CBD, my wife was encouraged by a neighbor to use it on her hands. They are a bit arthritic, more so Carpal Tunnel/Typing issues. She gets relief.

I'd say it works fine, not all that long-lasting based on my limited use on my foot and lower back. I'll try the knuckle. It's the outside edge, not the inside towards Index finger.

I must be building up material, then when I get the "click" it breaks away. Feels like it was locked, then is a bit ratchet-y afterwards for a while.

Turmeric is a popular Spice around here, no shortage of Curry dishes!

Same with Omega-3, we have a lot of that in our diet, I'll look at a Supplement.

Then, of course, Ibuprofen....that works for me.

It's the "click" part I cannot seem to overcome.


An x-ray may be in order.

Then again, are you sure you want to know? Just think of it as a metronome.


CBD will help but if you live in a legal state, try the stuff with THC as well. As an A-Topic, I hear it works almost instantly.


Meloxicam is working for me, Dr. prescribed 15mg a day. I've had the hand, thumb and finger thing going on for a few years, turmeric curcumin wasn't cutting it anymore.


All of the above and an additional recommendation: acupuncture. Couldn't play for over a year my left wrist was so bad. That and a really easy playing Fender Mustang got me on the road to recovery.


My right index finger is a bit like that these days. The top joint is twisted to the right - I guess it's from years of gripping a pick too hard. The joint is enlarged so looks a bit elephant man. Every so often it gets a shooting pain through it I can't explain but so far I can still play fine.

Oddly enough the only other finger which has any obvious arthritis is my right hand pinky. Again, in the last joint it is lumpy at each side. I can't imagine why!

My thumbs get sore from riding my motorcycle. I must place too much weight on them while riding I guess.

Good luck and I hope you find some relief. We need our hands so much!


"Pennsaid" lotion prescribed for my cranky 5th metatarsal foot ligament today, I'll use my thumb knuckle to rub it in...it's a 2fer.

It's an NSAID.

The condition is called "Trigger Thumb"...it's a ligament that has gotten snarled.

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