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I have always had a love of proper duets, not just alternating rhythm and solo playing, but actual harmonized parts. Seems like a lost art to me - is there anyone out there still doing this kind of thing?


I’ve started with a few dudes, but gigs always get in the way. Someday...sigh, absolutely love that stuff, but you need the perfect person for it.


Shame we don't live in the same hood.


I've got a Sal Salvador and Bucky Pizzarelli album from the '70's or '80's that is a lot of fun.


One of my guitar students and I made up a duet out of Chet's "Windy and Warm" for a recital once upon a time. Does that count?


Chet's done some great duets over the years. George Benson and Earl Klugh did a great album. Gypsy jazz is another area to look into. You might consider The Hellecasters, tho they're a trio, and not quite to your specs, are some amazing talents.


This kind of thing?


Allman Brothers - Jessica


Gary Green and Ray Shulman, meshing nicely-


I have two duets one with Diego Garcia (el Twanguero) and another with Paul Rigby. It’s super fun to write for these projects. I even have an arrangement of a Carl Kress tune


I have a disc called Pioneers of Jazz Guitar that has some duets between, Kress, Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson. I’ve meant to look those guys up in more depth.

Also a couple of albums in a Joe Pass boxset with Joe Pisano, but I can’t recall what the style of it is, exactly.

And there’s some super group with Mottola called Guitar Underground or something ... that seemed promising but was more like Muzak. Not good.


How did we get to 12 and not have "Neck and Neck" in the running?? Some nice duets on there!


NJ hit that one completely out of the park, not just Jessica but a vast majority of their huge portfolio. That band was/is one of the tightest ever and the guitar work is inspired to say the least.


Back in 1958 or so, I heard Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya playing duets on classical guitars. That prompted me to learn the classical guitar.


This is one I’d like to work out someday. Stage Fright , might need that different Kress tuning on one guitar to pull it off.


Both of Chet's albums with Les Paul were great duet albums albeit not featuring the harmonizing Spike is looking for. The album Standard Brands with Lenny Breau is just something to behold.

IMO, Chet's greatest achievement regarding duets isn't with a guitar but rather a clarinet. This particular tune is a true study in how a perfect duet should be composed and played. It begins with Chet's solo work, and shows his happy surprise at how a sudden improvisation works so well. It switches to the clarinet solo with Chet still playing fingerstyle but now faded to being the subtle background rhythm. During the clarinet solo, listen to the wonderful bass notes Chet adds to flavor things a tad, one of his greatest talents in duet work. He then adds a bit more harmony work at a slightly elevated volume and at 1:50 returns to playing as he did at the beginning with both instruments at essentially equivalent volume levels. The clarinet work continues as it has been but has now morphed into being the accompaniment to Chet!

This recording, out of all Chet's myriads of duets plus being a sideman for many, many stars, including Elvis, to me, stands alone as his best. He takes a simple, old, popular tune and puts a spin on it like few others could ever do. The more you listen to this, the more intriguing little things you'll hear. For me, this song shows his level of mastery of sound and tone. Enjoy


Great thread topic Spike and you've just presented to me a new topic do some homework on. I love this stuff. Now, I just gotta roll up my sleeves and get down to it. I think I'll start with the album in your post.

Kevin Frye- Nice! A song I loved but completely forgot about so thanks for kicking the memory back into gear.

And yeah, the Allman Brothers Bandha had lot of great songs that certainly qualify.


Here's a good one - Merle & Joe Maphis, who collaborated quite a bit back in the day. Wonderful harmony at the start and end with each having a solo in the middle.

Sorry but the link to YouTube doesn't work but if you look it up you'll find it.

Here's another one that's interesting. Starts as a baroque piece and morphs into jazz.

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