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Guitar Aficionado?


ok thanks for the reply. If anyone has one ,(1st Guitar Aficianadio) please let me know . thanks


The magazine is a great resource, I was looking for the right instruments for my new band, The One Percenters.


They should call it Guitar Douchianado.

– bobbyrivera
– bobbyrivera

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I love that Douchy Reference! Some people just have to be so damned douchy!!!!!


I always wondered what sort of person buys a PRS dragon. It's people with a" rebel spirit" &" rock & roll attitude" 8-o


I'm a "Cash Afficionado" myself. I'll be keeping a little more of it by not buying this mag.


Our band, The One Percenters, don't actually want to play, we'll just sit on a stage for an hour, drinking wine and pointing at our instruments.


It appears that many guitarist dislike both ends of the literary spectrum, Guitar World geared toward teen metalheads, and G Afficionado gear toward the wine and cheese snob crowd. I look forward to reading views and opinions about guitars from any magazine, with a good Cup'a Joe within reach...Wahi'



I`ve only been a member for 2 days and already i feel like one of the family .Thanks to all you fellow Gretch Owners and players that have welcomed me into this site.


For the record, I could give a ratzazz about Guitar Afishinado.

Nobody can force me to read anything I don't like, let alone pay $9 for a magazine.

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